Leather care?

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  1. I recommend getting Apple Leather Conditioner. It can usually be found at Burlington coat factory, online or at footwear etc. A lot of my coach care cards say not to use any cleaner or moisturizer but I always put apple leather conditioner on all my purses and have had no issues.

    I believe the only leathers that you shouldn't use it on is suede, nubuck, and vachetta. Please correct me if I'm wrong ladies. I should also mention that apple leather conditioner is better than the coach moisturizer because the apple one doesn't contain silicones which will inhibit the leather from breathing.
  2. I'd recommend NEVER using the apple conditioner on white madison leather. I had a gorgeous white/gray madison spectator shoulder bag, PERFECT CONDITION, and I applied some conditioner.... and the white leather developed a flourescent yellow/green tinge around the edges! So I would say BEWARE conditioner on white madison leather.

    Otherwise, I've never had a problem with apple products (though I'd never apply the conditioner to the same leathers listed by Desirella... also, of course, not patent). Though... correct me if I'm wrong... I think it's maybe okay to use conditioner on Vachetta? Hopefully someone else will chime in on that one.
  3. I'd like to also know if it is helpful to use on vachetta...
    Any experience with colored leathers like the bright blue on the Kristin totes, hobos and satchels?