? leather care - Striping line

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  1. Sorry ladies another question regarding leather care, this time for the Striping line.

    I have a military Hudson and a small black Zip bowler. The Zip bowler is fine, but the Hudson seems really dry and crackly and I don't want the leather to start peeling. Does anybody know what type of leather it is and what I should be using to condition it. I've used handbag cream on my soft calf and tumbled calf bags with good results, but it doesn't seem to do anything for the Hudson. I live in the UK and we don't have appleguard here any other suggestions. Couple of pics attached, sorry quality a bit cr*p, can't find the cable for my camera. Thanks :smile:


  2. I'd be curious about this, too. I have the Military Hudson and I haven't notices that it is dry, but I think I need to take a closer look. I haven't treated any of my bags with cream/guard. Does everyone clean their bags with any type of cleaner/cream on a regular basis??
  3. first off, beautiful bags. secondly, i know what you mean about the dry leather on the striping bags. i have a striping bowler and the leather started to turn stiff after awhile. i recently conditioned it with apple conditioner and it seems to look fine now. you can order it from www.leatherstuff.com. hopefully, they'll ship to the uk.

    rorosity, i haven't had to clean my bowler that often because it doesn't really get dirty, but apple cleaner works really well. at the site, they sell a kit that includes both the cleaner and conditioner along with a cleaning cloth. that's what i purchased. hth!
  4. Thanks Tad, they post to the UK, but charge $46 shipping:tdown:. Will try and find it on eBay or somewhere else.
  5. I use apple on my striping bags and it truly works wonders. I've never used anything else on them, so I'm not helpful when it comes to other suggestions. My chestnut Hudson does get considerably dry, but my Chili is not so bad. They both look a whole lot better after an application of the apple conditioner.

    Hope you find someone who posts to you!
  6. has anyone had any experiences with these bags and rain?
  7. ^
    yep, it's been raining all summer and no problem at all, no spotting or staining when they get wet (have a black zb and military Hudson).
  8. great! :nuts: did you treat yours with anything beany?
  9. i've worn my striping bags in the rain without any adverse effects to the leather. i do condition it with apple leather condition it from time to time to prevent the leather from getting too dry. the striping bags aren't high maintenance at all.
  10. sweet! thanks tad and beany!
  11. hey ladies, does anyone know what kind of leather is used on the striping line??? i swear it's almost identical to the buffalo leather used on a YSL bag i used to own! :shocked:
  12. Ladies, my new-to-me Chestnut Trish seems to have some dryness on the sides. I only have Coach Leather Moisturizer - has anyone used that on the Striping line?
  13. i used cadillac when i had mine
  14. trish is a tank!

    i only have trish and have never done any kind of treatment on her but after reading this am considering putting a little conditioner on her. but i take her out in the rain and in full-on snow storms and she looks EXACTLY the same as always! i love the striping line!

    beany, the military hudson is especially gorgeous!
  15. ^ITA...The Trish is one bag that takes a lickin' and keeps in tickin'. It seems like its made of elephant hide - its so tough!

    I have used cadillac on mine. Its seems to drink it up. I think any leather conditioner would work...