Leather Care Recommendation

  1. I have just use a product called 'Leather Amore' all pupose cleaner and conditioner from the 'Bee Natural Leather Care' range. I used it to clean and condition a pair of Pyhon Palace Zeppas that I thought were quite clean already.

    Well, the amount of dirt that came out on to the application cloth was surprising and this liquid product really bought the colour up a treat. It smelt nice too! The bottle say that it "Cleans, Conditions, Softens, Resists Soiling, Retards Waterspotting and Buffs".

    I have absolutely nothing to do with this company but thought you may be interested in my recommendation. I bought the ' Pro Leather Care Kit 1' which also includes a tin of Bees Wax, an application sponge and cloth. It cost me $17.95 plus shipping. The web site link is:

  2. I just used Lovin My Bags on my Chloe Paddington and boots. I did it because I noticed that the handles on my orange Paddy were getting dirty. It cleaned the handles nicely and the orange color stayed on.
  3. Awesome info... Thank you! I guess I've been neglecting my leather footwear then, if the proper care is leather cleaner... :whistle:
  4. Sorry, I mis-spelt the link. It should be:

  5. After cleaning I applied the Bees Wax with my finger, as instructed, and that really seemed to soften/moisturise the Python skin nicely.