leather care question!

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  1. i have an lv alma but i spilled a drink near it and so now the leather that lines the bottom of the bag is stained. any suggestions on how to get it out?

    also any suggestions on what i can do if i have a small scratch as well on the leather part of the bag?

    can i use apple guard? i dont want to change the color of the leather! help!

  2. I use Apple Guard, and I really like it, but I am not sure what it wil do once the leather is already stained. Maybe you could call LV and see if they have any suggestions. I am sorry, I know how you must feel.
  3. Saddlesoap is pretty good. I'd recommend that. I cleaned the bottom of my Alma that was stained with ice cream sandwhich (yuck!). It does slightly darken the bag, but not much, and it leaves it nice and even.
  4. Call LV and ask. My gut says just clean the stain out as much as you can and let it be.