Leather care question/waterproofing

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  1. Hi, all! What do you use to care for your bags? I've heard a lot about lovin my bags moisturizers but I am looking specifically for waterproofing products. The Wilson's Leather by me closed - I used to use their spray waterproofer. I went to my leather care store and they basically carry only the oils, which can change the color of the bag and you have to be really careful with them.

    Do any of you have a good sugegstion for a waterproofing product? Do I need to moistuize first?
  2. I use collonil waterstop spary in neutral. it waterproofs and gives some uv protection too. I bought it because Mulberry recommends it for their darwin leather bags.
  3. You can purchase Wilson's waterproofer online.

    I also use Appleguard from www.leathercare.com .
  4. I use Wilson's leather spray because it really works and because it has never changed the color, smell or feel of my bags at all, no matter the kind of leather. It is worthwhile to order online, IMO.
  5. I use that one too... so far so good.
  6. I've actually been using Kiwi Protec-All for years to protect my bags from water damage. I've never had a problem w/it changing the color or causing any kind of damage, and it really works too.

    I used to use this great conditioner that I used to buy at Walgreens, but they stopped carrying it a while ago, so I tried Coach's products which I never really cared for (they seemed a little rough and always seemed to lift the color). Last week when I was at Nordstroms, I found out that they were carrying the product I used to buy - it's called Cadillac, and it's a conditioning/cleaning lotion. I bought a bottle and tried it out on my Gryson, and it worked wonders. Very little to no color lift, and it made the bag look like it was brand new. The best part is that it only costs around $6!!!
  7. I use Wilson's products too. Their leather lotion and leather cleaning wipes are great. You can buy Wilson's leather products online line as someone already mentioned.
  8. Thank you everyone! I will compare the Wilson's and the Appleguard prices online and order one today!
  9. I have found some great leather waterproofing products at my local cobbler too. They usually carry a lot of products for leather care and the cobblers usually know what happens with each product. For example he told me not to use specific waterproofing products on dull finishes, etc.