Leather care products

  1. Hey,
    I have a Ferragamo that's kinda off-white Pebbled Calf leather. Anybody has particularly good experiences with any leather care products they would like to recommend?

  2. Ii don't know but I have a black leather GUCCI and I would like to condition the leather - I am sure if you went to a luggage store that specializes in high-end leather that they would be able to advise you of good products to use.
  3. Saddle soap can help keep it clean, and you can always use something like Shining Monkey.
  4. I have cleaned my bags and my DBF's messenger bag with leather cleaning wipes from Wilson's Leather. They're good for getting the grime off the leather and they even have a conditioning ingredient in them. The leather feels much softer after a good wipe down.
  5. I use Apple products on my YSL muse (black) and Dior gaucho (off white) and highly recommend it!