Leather care for Soft Calf

  1. Hello ladies,

    I was wondering if anyone can help me with my question (if there's already a thread discussing this, please let me know :smile:). I got my MJ Blake last year and I haven't really done anything to treat the leather (except that the Nordstrom SA sprayed some waterproof stuff etc). I noticed last night that it looks a bit dry and cracked :confused1: Does anyone have any tips on how to condition the leater and what to use?

  2. Apple
  3. Use lots of appleguarde conditioner. You can purchase it at Burlington Coat factory or at leatherstuff.com. I've also heard Wilsons and Cole Haan work well. I've heard that Coach conditioner doesn't work well on lighter leather colors.
  4. I trust the products from Apple. I've never had any issues with color rub-off, and the leather seems to quickly absorb the conditioners. If you have trouble finding the products, let me know.
  5. You know I JUST ordered some of this stuff..FINALLY!!!!! I usually use the Coach products but I've heard so much good stuff about this I figured I'd try it....I frequently condition my bags..As a matter of fact it's time to take all my babies out & give them a bath!! I think it's key to do this....that way the leather doesn't dry out..we spend enough $$ on our bags..they should last a long time lol!!!!
  6. Forefinal, Thithi, bag-addict & EMMY --- Thanks for your help ladies. I will surely try apple. I hope it turns my year old blake similar to the gorgeous blake I saw at Nordstrom!!!
  7. I found the Apple Garde (waterproofing spray) at Burlington Coat Factory near the leather jacket section but couldn't find the Apple conditioner (lotion). Do they carry both and if so, where do they usually keep the conditioner? Thanks! I'm running out of the conditioner and would prefer not to pay shipping to order it if I can get it from a store.
  8. How often do you ladies condition your bags?
  9. I always condition before putting them back in the duster....and if I haven't used them in 2-3 months they get a moisture bath lol!!!! I spoil my babies!!!
  10. I've heard a lot about Apple leather care. Would this also be recommended for MJ Patchwork bags? Should I be concerned about getting the leather conditioner AND Apple Stain & repellant? Do any of you others with patchwork bags treat yours? TIA!
  11. I've used Cadillac conditioning lotion for years - I used to buy it at Walgreens but then they discontinued it. For a while I tried Coach, but it was too harsh for my MJ bags and always lifted the color (my faded brick stella is more faded on the backside from my Coach lotion :sad:) I discovered that Nordstroms now carries the Cadillac lotion at its stores so I picked up some more and now all my bags are happy again.

    I found Apple Guard at my Burlington Coat Factory last month & bought a bottle, but I haven't used it on any of my bags yet.

    I usually clean and condition bags the first time that I carry them & then as needed (if they get dirty, scuffed or wet) -
  12. You know, I wondered this same thing. It almost seems like the Patchwork bags are coated and/or somehow protected. I haven't done anything to my Slate Patchwork Stam (I haven't carried it yet either) and was wondering if I should at least spray it before using it.
  13. I have the same bag as you and use Appleguarde. Works great. :smile:

    On a related note, I have noticed that the Bordeaux Blake is a bit stiffer than some of the other Blakes. This is the only thing I don't like about the bag. Perhaps they used something stronger to treat it? Still love my bag of course but this may be why you are experiencing this w/ the leather.
  14. do you spray the apple garde everywhere? like on the handles and the inside suede lining?
  15. I dont think inside, but I havent tried it. Since it's a protective coat, I think only on the soft calf outer leather

    Also, what was the concensus on the Bordeaux Blake? I was just wondering about whether or not it needs treating b/c I remembered HitchcockBlonde's comment about the leather being a little stiffer than other soft calf colors :confused1: