leather care for printed oak Bayswater.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I have a Mulberry oak printed leather Bayswater that I bought in April.I have treated it with Colonil spray to protect it from rain but am concerned that it is looking very creased and dry on the surface where the front flap lifts up.
    Can anyone suggest what sort of conditioning treatment I could use to keep it supple? Thanks
  2. Mulberry recommend creams/gels from Collonil, and there are a few threads on creams ladies on here use, if you do a search!

    Good luck =)
  3. Hi - you could use clark's conditioning creme to soften/moisturise. Also, Woly shoe cream in 'cognac' is brilliant for covering up any scuffs
  4. I have an oak printed ledbury.
    When the leather on mine started to look a little dry i used collinil gel on it.
    It worked a treat and the leather looks lovely now :smile:
  5. Thanks TheaBerry,Ill have a search.
  6. Thanks for advice.I also have a Tods D bag in tan that I tried to help with tan pollish and a soft shoebrush! Very Bad idea! as the brush started to rub off the finish.Not a bag to throw around!
  7. Oh No! If you use the Woly shoe cream, just apply a tiny bit with a soft cloth - it covers up the scuffs/scratches - no need to use any brushes - I did my friend's oak Bays & she was really impressed.
  8. I use the neutral woly cream on all bags- really nourishes them