Leather care and treatment

  1. Do you treat your woven bags with any spray? I'm considering a limo woven, but it seems so light and delicate that I was wondering how well it takes to rain and general use.

    Anyone use a protectant like Appleguard?

  2. i spray mine with appleguard and it works great. water slides right off!
  3. I sprayed my ball bag in ebano with a spray called Nano-spray and water just slides off and I got caught in a really nasty rain the other day and she just looks perfect.
  4. Thanks for both replys!

    I have Appleguard...the leather I have is the limo. Have you sprayed a light or dark colored leather?
  5. i have the limo sloane and the appleguard works great with it.
  6. I can't wait to try applegarde on my lighter BV's!!! Does it change the color or texture of the BV leather at all? I just want to be prepared...!
  7. What about the ivory/bone as well? I'm tempted by it in the sloane but anxious about getting it stained or dirty.
  8. ok. i can totally vouch for the appleguard on the limo color. you won't even know its there. it maintains its color and texture! it really is amazing. I've sprayed my venetas and sloane with it and my wallet and I'm happy to report that it is still in perfect condition. I've even sprinkled water on it to "test" it out and it slides off. As for the ivory, I'm 100% positive it would be harmless, limo is a pretty light color and it works fine with it
  9. ^^ thanks Goyardlover for the post! I was wondering about Appleguard for my Limo Veneta and now feel brave enough to do it, I kept her homebound all weekend due to crummy weather and really want to protect my new bag! :smile:
  10. Humm, i'm thinking maybe I should do this on my new Veneta too....?
  11. Thanks for all of the info!
  12. I'm a fairly new BV owner of 4 months, the first thing I did when I got my BV home (Veneta Large in Ebano) was attempt to protect the lamb skin with Applegard's lotion and rain repellent spray. I noticed that the product (unsure which) made the stitching loose and wrinkly, and the lambskin started to fray at the edges. Since I applied the applegard to the handle which is held together by stitching on the Veneta, the product had somehow made the lambskin change to where the stitching started to loosen. (Keep in mind, the BV was only a couple hours old from leaving the store) I also purchased the matching wallet, and the same effect (wrinkles) started to appear on the edge of the wallet & the gusseted sides of the coin compartment. I ended up exchanging both items at my nearest BV boutique and explained to them what had happened. SO, in conclusion my advice is to not put Applegard on BV's at least not the Veneta. Applegard works great with LV's though but not on BV's.
  13. ^^Oh yikes! I'm SO NOT doing the appleguard now!!
  14. Thanks for your experience. I talked to BV before I put anything on my ball bag and they recommended to use "Collonil Nanospray" which is a very light spray and it's made for delicate leathers and other cloths like cashmere. I used this and nothing chnged the leather.
    I had bad experience with Apple Garde spray and lotion in the past with my Balenciagas so therefor I was really careful and glad that I followed the advice as here they wouldn't take it back when you mess it up yourself.
    You were really lucky that they exchanged it.
  15. May I know where to buy the Colonil Nanospray??? Thanks!!!