Leather braided hobo

  1. I have been absolutely dying for the Soho leather braided small hobo in white since the day it appeared on the website, but as a full time grad student at a private school ($$$$$) with a less than part time job, I have no money. Any ideas on when and if it will go to the outlet?
  2. Maybe try pm'ing sparkles she may know. They are still in the stores and my sa hasn't said they are leaving anytime soon.
  3. Eventually since they are still on the website. Maybe ebay eventually as well.
  4. I haven't heard when it's leaving for sure but I have a feeling it may be this month since the new floorset includes soho stitched bags and they'll probably take the place of the vintage soho bags.
  5. Does this mean that the Mia satchel in magenta with the braided handle will be leaving soon as well?
  6. Thanks! Could you let me know if you find out for sure? What would we do without you?