Leather bracelet colours?

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  1. I own two leather bracelets at the moment, one orange/gold (receipt said Karo, but can it be?), the other red/silver (KDT) and happened to put them both on today. It looks very nice actually.

    So I started to ponder about available colours for these fabulous, yet simple bracelets (Pousse-Pousse, KDT, Hapi, ...). So far I've only seen them in black, red, orange, various browns and white. The basics. CdC comes in various gorgeous colours, as well as the Kelly watch strap, but what about these other bracelet designs?

    I would :heart: to have a collection of vert anis, rose shocking, lilach and so on. It would look so amazing to have a rainbow on my arm :nuts:
  2. Must be some mistake since Karo is the little pouch not a bracelet. I would love to see more bracelets on this forum, especially if there are other colours than those!
  3. The leather bracelets come in the whole spectrum of colours available in the leathers that are used to make them. Barenia, Box Calf, Swift, Epsom & of course, Alligator. There are probably other leathers too, but these are the ones I have come across. Hopefully others can chime in.
  4. mrssparkles, thank you for the info (and encouragement :graucho:), all the stores I have visited have had only these basic colours:sad: as well as hermes.com..
  5. Kelly bracelet in Ebene (not very exotic, but I LOVE it)
    DSC04756_1.jpg DSC04763_2.jpg
  6. I have seen KDT in Rose Shocking. I've seen some other bracelets in Bleu jean too.
  7. I must ask SM about the colours or wait till Paris.

    Here's a pic of both my bracelets. If anyone knows the name of the orange bracelet, thank you for letting me know :flowers::flowers::flowers:
  8. Looking good, MsReya! Thank you for sharing! I have not seen the bracelet above your KDT. I wonder what it's called too.

  9. ^I´ve never seen it before either. They both look good though!