Leather Bomber or Motorcycle Jacket??

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  1. Which of these do you prefer? Do you think they will be stylish beyond this upcoming fall/winter?

    Does anyone know of any cheap[er] (but still stylish) alternatives to S.W.O.R.D or Mike & Chris jackets?
  2. There is a nice jacket at zara for $270 I think. I was very tempted to but it but I am undecided. It looked great on.
  3. Oh my GOSH! Those are adorable! Great finds!
  4. I agree those are both super-cute!
  5. BTBF, love those, have been looking at them for awhile!

    [​IMG]Kenneth Cole at Nordies $299

    [​IMG] Hinge at Nordies $298
  6. [​IMG]KORS Michael KORS $375 bluefly
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    This is the zara jacket I'm talking about. The fit is very feminine and flattering, though it's hard to tell from this picture.

    edit, I found a pic with a model:
  8. ^^CUTE! Can you buy Zara online?
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    I bought a cute one from Express today..its a very fitted motorcycle jacket which kind of reminds me of the ones hilary duff was wearing earlier this year.

    1st one is from express. It's more of a distressed leather while the 2nd one from Arden B (bought earlier this year) is not.

    Both in the $200's.

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  10. Very nice TxGlam! Can you take a modeling pic? Your jackets look yummy!
    I think zara is like H&M, can't buy online
  11. Hmm. I like the "scub" type jackets, less zippers, pockets but extremely fitted and usually a zip sleeve. I'll see if i can find a pic. In the meantime the mike+chis jackets are stunning and feel just like butter. They are pricey--but leather is an investment...
  12. I like the Leather bomber style. Mackage has a lot of nice leather jackets.
  13. there's one on sale at the limited right now that i really want to get and regret not buying!! (one left in my size! maybe i should go back...) it's not real leather but a faux patent crinkle. it looks really edgy, but isn't as "hard core" as these ones w/ the studs and zippers