leather blister

  1. I remember reading at some point t hat sone of the H leather is prone to blistering after rain, could someon refresh my memory?
  2. Box leather is prone to blistering after it touches water... you should wipe the moisture off immediately or carry the rainkit
  3. thank you
  4. BOX and SWIFT!!! Try not to carry your Box leathers out in the rain. Hermesgroupie warned me about this and as always I'm stubborn! I noticed a blister and when I wiped it off and it dried it was back to normal. I won't ever take this chance again.

    Always carry your rain kit! Don't leave home without it. And if it does rain inspect it as soon as you are indoors and wipe it down just in case.
  5. Swift? OMG

    That is what I have . . . now I am a lil nervous
  6. Yrs Swift! I have a swift Birkin so I know!
  7. Candace, I'm terrified to even look at swift or box, living here in the rainforest of H-town. The weather changes so quickly, and we get such torrential downpours. You're a braver woman than I am.

    I'm assuming your "tangy b" is the one in swift. It's so, so gorgeous! I'm so OCD I'd live in perpetual fear of the freak Houston weather.
  8. Well my Dh got the bag for me and I love it, but I knew nothing about the blistering . . . if I did my OCD would have kicked in and I would not have her.
    I am very happy I have her but I will be super careful now. Since we are in H town I have been caught in weather, I wiped her off and so far so good
  9. As long as you wipe it off, it will be fine!
  10. Thanks for the heads up bag, had you not told me I might have gotten lazy one day and then I would have slipped into a dangerous depression
  11. My Swift has got caught in the rain (not heavy though) and I just wiped it off and it's fine...Box is worst in my experience....
  12. ^^ yes, it is worst!