Leather Bleeker Shopper Owners - What's Different in the Pics?

  1. You'll need to possess (or be able to view in person) one of these leather Bleeker Shoppers with the Coach-engraved flap, AND have the last catalogue that featured this bag to figure out the answer.

    The 2007 fall/winter catalogue features a leather Bleeker in Whiskey, without the engraving on the flap. That's one of five differences between the Bleeker you may have, and the one in the catalogue picture. I just told you what the most obvious difference is (which is also the least significant).

    Can you find the remaining four? Those differences are not trivial, considering the prices were the same!

    I'll be back later to see how it's going . . .
  2. Ooo, sounds fun! I did notice the lack of the Coach stamp on the front of the one in the catalogue. My Shopper just arrived today and I have to say I wasn't as excited as I should have been. I'm going to think about for a few days, but I think it's going back. I'll go pull it out in a few minutes and see what you're talking about.
  3. Gee . . . I'm sorry to hear that you weren't as pleased with your new purchase. When I 1st saw it in the catalogue, I thought it looked too utilitarian. It wasn't until I bumped into it in the Coach boutique (tho I ended up getting it at Macy's), that I fell in love with it. I've noticed a few people protesting the "boxy-look" that this particular Bleeker has, but I rather like it. More than anything, I like the many easy-to-reach compartments. . . very well engineered. I will list the differences later. Just wondering if anyone else saw what I did. :rolleyes: Enjoy!
  4. I'll play! I noticed there is a seam on the sides of the bag in the catalog. I have a brown leather Shopper and right now it's my fav bag!!! I love it!
    Also, in the picture, the bag looks a lot more narrow but not sure if it's just me.

    eta- is the buckle strap wider on the real bag?

    I'm dying to know what differences you see!
  5. 1) the pictured bag is laced differently on the back of the strap & it doesn't have the add'l piece that folds around the underside
    2) the pictured sides have upper & lower sections
    3) the pocket under the flap is more structured on the pictured bag
    4) the hangtag has COACH embossed on the back at the bottom
    5) as you stated, no Bleecker Horse & Buggy embossing on the front of the pictured bag

    Also, I selected mine from several choices. Mine and some of the others have darker colored straps.
  6. PS - I love my Whiskey Leather Shopper!
  7. Yup . . . you've got the seam right! That's two (or four) down, now.

    Hmmm...I hadn't noticed the difference in the photo before, but also noticed one of the dimensions being 4" deep in the written part of the catalogue. The main compartment alone is appx 5-1/2", so I guess we could throw those in as 6th (depicted) & 7th (written) differences too.

    Great . . . You just made this even more fun! Still three (or more?) to go!

    Gotta go. I'll be back tomorrow ladies.
  8. Wow . . . You guys are getting way ahead of me! Yes; the handles on your bags are of superior craftsmanship; unlike the pic. Again; three more items (2, 3 & 4) are things I had not noticed. This ended up being more informative than I expected! At least one more . . .
  9. Everyone else give up already? OK, here's what I noticed (several already pointed out) . . .

    The actual bag (not depicted in the catalogue) has:

    o double-stitching on the outer front pocket seam
    o single-stitching on patch of leather behind the magnet
    o different length strap holding the buckle/magnet on flap
    o gussets made of single pieces of leather, so no seams
    o more symmetry in the handle lacing
    o greater reinforcement on the handles
    o Coach logo on the flap (wonder why not in catalogue?)
    o less boxy, more rectangular shape

    I noticed a few more things after asking initially. The last noted difference may be an illusion (shape). It's sometimes hard to guess the accuracy of a 3-dimensional object on a 2-dimensional plane.

    Overall, it appears that the ones you purchased for the same amount of $s were (at least in some cases) made with better craftsmanship than the one shown in the catalogue.

    When I 1st saw the bag at Coach, I was told that it was a Limited Edition. Perhaps the differences are the reasons why.

    Whatever the case, do keep those noteworthy features in mind should you ever choose to resell yours . . . they may increase the value! And hang on the your catalogues too.