Leather bleeding

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  1. Hello, I recently acquired a messenger bag on eBay only to find out the color bleeds onto my light clothing.

    As far as I know, this only occurs if the dye was improperly set and/or the leather was of poor quality. is this true? and if so is there any way to make it stop bleeding.
  2. I think it depends on the leather but this bag could have been touched up with some color cream on top of the leather. If the leather is not sensitive (lambskin etc), I have read that applying a good leather conditioner could remove the excess color and create a protective layer between leather and clothing to prevent color transfer. There are some great leather care experts/threads on TPF you could ask too.

  3. I've had that happend to items that have been touched up with colour cream.
    There is something called colour lock that can be used to seal in the colour, it is normally used on saddles ect. Sometimes called leather dye sealant, or fixative.

    Do a quick google and you shold be able to find someone near you who sells it.

    You should be able to find it here if you want to get it online: