Leather Birkin Price Up in about 6%, Paris

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  1. #1 Jan 30, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2009
    I ordered my 35 Clemence Birkin in Paris in the end of Dec last year. It was 5,300 Euro at that time. My SA told me that the price might be increased at the time when I would receive the bag.

    I received my bag today at the price of 5,650 Euro.
    - because of another annual or semi-annual price increases, I am the one who own the most expensive Clemence 35 Birkins.:sweatdrop:

    In one month (but the different year, though) the price goes up in about 6%.

    At this moment, I can order Birkins of any color, any leather and there are plenty of Kellys at the shop. I ordered one more Birkin today and the SA told me that it would arrive in about 1~2 months.

    Is it normally this way? Is in January the easiest time to order Birkins?
    I feel that the Birkins are not too difficult to get anymore.
    Is it because of the price increases?
  2. Is only Paris get price increase? As I just get a 35cm Birkin (It is Togo leather) in United States, and the price is still $8950 + tax
  3. Honestly it's still cheaper than the USA. I think I paid $8950. for my birkin 35 cm in fjord which I believe it's the same price as Clemence. you paid the equivalent to $7238.780. I think January is podium month so you can order easiest now. I think specific color and hardware combos are still difficult.
  4. I talked to an SA yesterday, and she said sales are REALLY down from even a few months ago, and that's why most everyone is reporting a greater availability of the major bags. When I was in my local store a few weeks ago, there were Kellys and Birkins on most every shelf. The luxury market has been hit harder than any of the others so it will be like this for quite awhile.
  5. Its great that your bag came so quickly, what did you manage to get Jane?
  6. I want to be in Europe!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Zoopla, you have the birkin bug!!:graucho:
  8. Sammyjoe,

    Last December, there was only two color choices that I could order. One is cream and the other one is gold.

    I ordered the gold birkin with GH. - Clemence

    The one that I originally wanted to order was Etoupe with PH, but the gold that I received yesterday was also lovely.
  9. Congratulations Jane! Enjoy your new birkin! Bummer about the price hike but it is still a wonderful price compared to if you purchased from anywhere else in the world. My store's price hike is effective tomorrow, an Evelyne that I've been eyeing will be 10% more.
  10. It is still cheaper to get birkins in Europe and the wait is also shorter due to the current economic crisis. My friend a Hermes regular who has just collected her 35cm birkin waited less than 6 months. She had to wait for at least a year for all her birkins in previous years.
  11. Hey gals,
    Do you know if I can order the birkin via phone order from another country??? Thanks!
  12. I'm so happy I recieved my etoupe birkin last year & feel for everyone out there who are saving only to have yet another increase come their way.
  13. I wish you could find a 35 birkin on the shelf in the UK, now that would be a real find!
  14. The SA will not take orders for birkins on the phone. You still have to go down to your Hermes local store to place your order.
  15. Yes sammyjoe, and quite badly too!!! I am definitely looking into Europe as an option..