Leather baguette at Amazon.com

  1. I saw that yesterday! It's on my Amazon watch list. I think it was more expensive a while ago then they sold out for months. =*( But it's back now and I'm debating whether to get it or not.
  2. just a quick question! i've never purchased any bags on Amazon before, but are they all authentic?
  3. Aww, I should've posted in the Fendi part of the forum a few weeks ago. I just sold my Zuchinno Bagutte for $80 cause I never used it anymore and just didn't want to have it sitting in my closet =(
  4. You have to check who the seller is there. For that one, it's Amazon.com - remember that other sellers also sell on Amazon.com so you gotta watch out for third party sellers. Good third party sellers on Amazon are Bluefly and Nordstrom. Not sure about the others.