leather bags

  1. Okay, so which designers make the best leather bags? I like soft squishy hug-me leather. :smile: What do you like?
  2. i'd like to know too.
    i want a good leather handbag besides chloe,balenciaga, etc. Because i already know they have amazing leather and I already own a few but perhaps a bag in a good budget range too....like around $500 would be awesome to know...

    please share guys :flowers:
  3. Cole haan bags have really nice leather
  4. Bulga...the leather is just butter soft and smells wonderful...
  5. BCBG no doubt.
  6. Loewe - their soft leather is soooo buttery soft.
  7. I second Cole Haan--really good quality for the money. In the $1k and up, Bottega Veneta leather is butter-soft.
  8. High end: Mulberry
    Low end: Ellington
  9. I love my balenciaga bags.. so soft and squishy.. hehe
  10. Mulberry - I was in Selfridges today and had a feel of the Joni and the leather was so soft. I own a Blenheim and an Araline and they have both been fantastic - hard wearing and good looking even after tons of abuse.

    My second vote - the current season pleated Miu Miu bags, the leather feels great on these also.
  11. You should try a "Delvaux" bag. It is a Belgian brand and totally handmade by only one maker for 1 bag. It is the most prestigious bag in Belgium and prices may vary between 500 as 3000 $.They are only being sold in a few stores over the world as New York, Hong Kong, Brussels, Paris... You will not find them very easily outside Europe, but if you do you have a VERY VERY exclusive bag. It is almost unbelievable that Hollywood stars didn't already spotted this brand as it is even more special than a LV or Prada bag, it is, believe me ! This is the brand all royals here have in their closet.
    You should check it out and the leather is extremely beautiful : Delvaux, site is in English and French also.
  12. I very much agree with biep's comment. Delvaux bags are incredible and there is a style that appeals to everyone. My absolute favorite right now is the "Le Leon, Cerf." The pity is that they are not sold anywhere in the US.
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