leather bags exposed in intense heat

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  1. Hi,
    Just want to ask, what happens to leather bags that got exposed in intense heat? For example, a fire broke out in an adjacent house.
  2. just think of a leather sofa that sits in the direct sunlight in a home for years on end. what happens? the color fades, the leather generally gets very hot and softens at first (then hardens later where it originally faded), and it'll usually warp and become misshapen. in the instance of a fire it'll also absorb that smoke odor that'll take a lot of effort to get rid of.
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  3. Thanks for the info and explanation. Our neighborhood recently had a fire and though our house wasn't burnt down, the others besides us did. I haven't tried going back inside to see what happened to our things. I now have some expectations on the state of my bags.
  4. by the way, will applying moisturizing lotions/creams for leather help?
  5. I'm sorry to hear about the incident. It depends on the damage, some might be able to nurse back to close-to-original state if the damage isn't too severe and a good quality cream is used. But if damage is severe, not much you can do. Also, not sure if you have put any leather products in the dryer before and it drys for the whole cycle, the leather might look like that too, in addition to the smoke like previous user commented.
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