Leather bag straps - is saffiano leather strap too stiff to carry?

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  1. Hi my girls,

    I am considering to buy a leather bag to carry my laptop to work, I really like Saffiano leather.
    But I'm concerned about the straps whether they are too stiff and painful, given the fact that I will need to carry a heavy bag with my laptop, makeup bags, notebook ...
    Maybe a Saffiano backpack could be better , but I'm not sure.

    Have you ever carry a heavy bag made with Saffiano leather , please send some advices:smile:

    Thank you so much
  2. When you're talking about Saffiano, do you mean a bag made by Prada or just any other brand?

    Every brand that does their version of Saffiano does it differently, sometimes those differences are almost negligible, but other times, not so much.
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