Leather bag ruined by a cat

  1. Does anybody have experience with repair of handbags scratched by cat? There are little bumps. This bag is that sold used online. I really like it but I am not sure about the damage, do you think there something could be done? Cant decide if it is worth to try.
  2. Wither or not you should get the bag really depends on the price, and the brand of the bag, so the value of the bag to you really matters. It doesn't look repairable to me, then again I am not a professional; you can't fix leather, maybe you could try to glue it together. If you really want the bag, then go for it if you wish, otherwise, just keep looking. I am sure you will find something else that is much less damaged. :shucks:
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    Thank you! Its Ferragamo one and would not be too expensive but my inner feeling is similar to yours. Will keep looking. :smile:
  4. I really don't think there is much to be done to repair holes like this in leather.
  5. Thank you!
  6. Our cats have done this to our sofas and we haven't been able to repair it.
  7. I'm no leather expert, but I'm not sure you can do much yourself.
    You can always take it to a handbag repair specialist, but they charge a fortune, so if the price of repairing it is going to be more or at least a significant chunk of the actual cost of buying the bag then I would suggest looking elsewhere.
  8. Sorry about your sofas.
    Thank you!