Leather bag not smelling like leather?

  1. I ordered this Dutchy Nana Doc bag:
    I really love the shape but I have a problem with the bag. The leather doesn't smell like leather at all to me and kinda feels like faux leather. PVC or something? I guess I'm just kinda dissapointed, would you keep a bag that didn't smell or feel like leather (if it's was supposed to be leather)?
  2. i would if it felt like leather and the tag said leather.
  3. It doesn't really feel like leather to me but I might be spoiled by Hayden Harnett and Bulga leather. I also can't find a tag but I know Dutchy bags are all supposed to be leather.
  4. If you're that disappointed you probably won't carry it. Therefore I'd send it back unless you love it.
  5. ITA. I would send it back and get something im 100% sure of.
  6. Only keep it if you know that you will carry it and give it the love that it deserves :flowers:
  7. Some leathers smell weird because of the way they are treated. I looked at some Dutchy bags on Couture Candy and it says they're genuine leather. If the smell and texture bother you that much, I'd return it.
  8. You should definitely send it and get something else if you don't have a good impression of it
  9. I've had bags before that did not smell like leather. The Dyes or finish must change the odor. If I liked the bags feel and texture and functionality, I never let it bother me...but that nice leather smell is sure an added pleasure.
  10. I know what you mean, i love that new leather smell when you first get a bag.....its a really nice bag but if it bothers you that much then maybe dont keep it :smile:
  11. Don't judge a leather by it's stench! Quality leather is not proven by smell alone.. take this into point... You go into a place like Wilson's leather... mass produced leather.. crap leather, to be honest. What's the first thing you notice in the store? THE STENCH OF LEATHER. Just cause it smells like leather, doesn't mean it is GOOD leather. ;)