Leather bag 'dry cleaning'?

  1. Ok....Say you have a few handbags made of natural leather. Not those smooth glossy type but more 'raw' looking, like some of the Koobas?

    How do you clean them without wrecking them, especially the more lighter or tan coloured ones?

    Do you put them into a dry cleaning store or are there specialist places, or even can you D.I.Y?:shrugs:

    I dont want to look like a dummy going into a dry cleaners and ask them to dry clean my bags and they laugh me out the door.
  2. Check out Lovin' My Bags. They are expert handbag refurbishers.

    Lovin my Bags
  3. a friend once told me she had bags dry cleaned but that just scares me, i wouldn't do it. i'm with cheetos, LMB has a good reputation.