Leather bag care

  1. Hi everyone,
    I thought there'd be a sticky about this subject, but there isn't, and I couldn't find any recent posts that answered my questions.

    I have a Chloe Betty, a Kate Spade bag, an Anna Corinna mini city tote, and a RM MAM coming soon, that I'd like to make ready for icky winter conditions. All are leather; none are patents or exotic skins.

    What's the best way to protect the leather/avoid scratches/make weather-proof? I'm wondering if I need anything beyond what I already have to protect my leather shoes: Scotchguard, leather shoe conditioners, and leather shoe-wipes. Can I use these, or do y'all recommend I buy something more specific to bags? I've seen a few people say they spray their bags with something from Wilsons?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Hi Amandabug,

    I was recently wondering this same thing, as I have a MA bag, and two more coming from the sample sale (I received them but they were sent back to be fixed as the handles were too too short compared to other MA bags, they should be back to me within two weeks). I spoke with someone at RM who told me to use a Apple Leather Care Lotion to condition the bags and Apple Garde to protect them against water stains. She said that Apple Cleaner is fine for spot treating items that may be stained and/or need to be cleaned, but to spot test first and then use sparingly.

    I couldn't find these products in any stores, so I ordered all three products from Luggage and Leather. The SA I spoke with was pleasant on the phone, the products shipped the day I ordered them, and should arrive tomorrow.


    Hope this helps.
  3. I have heard good things about Wilson's, Applegard, Shining Monkey, and lovinmybags - the Wilson's you mentioned is the Wilson's Leather protector - you can buy it in their stores and on their website, I believe. I read about it here and have used it for my bags - it is easy to apply and I have had good results so far. :yes:
  4. ok, i read through that applegard vs. shining monkey post. and now i'm confused. i don't know what i should be getting -- wilsons, applegard, shining monkey.
  5. I have olny heard great things about Wilsons...but never used it before.

  6. I am sure any of them will work just fine. If you are impatient like me, just get the one most accessible to you. I bought the Wilson's because there is a Wilson's leather at the mall near me and I did not have to pay for shipping.
  7. Altho I've used Coach moisturizer on much of my leather, I decided to order Apple Guard from www.leatherstuff.com to condition and protect my blanc Chloe Patsy in particular, which is a beautiful but more delicate leather than on my other Chloes or leather bags. So far, it works great and contains no waxes which supposedly blocks the pores on leathers. I believe a lot of the Balenciaga gals also use Apple Guard on their light-colored bags, too.
    Also, I actually called leatherstuff and the person I spoke to was really nice. I received my order from them within 3 days. Good luck!