Leather Backpacks

  1. I've been searching all over for a nice leather backpack and the best I could find was the 1/2 leather, 1/2 nylon Longchamp bag until I went to the Coach website!

    I'm trying to decide between the two that they offer, and need some opinions. I'm leaning towards the first, because I like it's shape better, but I'm afraid that it's too big. Do any of you have these bags? TIA!!!


  2. ooh, the second style is a lot nicer IMO.
  3. The second one is smaller. They are both lightweight leather which is ok for a handbag, not a bookbag (IMHO). Coach also made an older large travel backpack out of heavy loeather.
  4. I like the second one, but it is a lot smaller than the first one. I would go to the store and try on both and see what you think would fit your needs better.
  5. The one I have is closer to the second one...but I like that the first one has padded straps! Particularly if you use it sightseeing like I do! Its a great little bag for a bottle of water, camera, and other necessities!
  6. The second one is really cute!
  7. I owned the first one several years ago in mahogany and it is a gorgeous bag! It is much larger, so if you're looking to use it for travel, etc., it is a great choice!

    I think the second one is more of a daypack style for essentials plus a few other items. It really depends upon how you plan on using it. Good luck!
  8. i have the first one and i use it when travelling...perfect size. i use it as a overnight bag for my daughter's stuff when she goes to visit her family and all her stuff fits in with no problem.

    go to the outlet. i bet you can get it much cheaper.