Leather availability in Kelly

  1. I was told, by FSH Paris, that new Birkins are only available in Swift, Clemence and Togo right now.
    So does anyone know what leathers the Bolide and Kelly are available in right now?
    I really didn't want to keep the lady on the phone any longer than necessary
  2. I know that box leather "is very hard to get right now", so any orders, if accepted, would take longer than usual to fill.
  3. the problem is noone can say exactly what leather are available as thatdepends on your store your sa and yourself. do not shoot the messanger please
  4. Of course not.

    Maybe I didn't really phrase it well - I was really asking what leather is the bag being made in? Trust me, if I ask my local store the answer to what is available = nothing. So it wasn't well phrased. I can go most places in Europe so what I was really wondering was, what is out there? It's too easy to start dreaming about barenia and box but that's all they are....dreams.