Leather Audrey vs. Speedy

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  1. Hi all,

    Need all of your help to make my decision. I have an acorn leather Audrey on hold at my outlet. I'm not sure if I should get it, since I also like LV Speedy :confused1:

    What do you think, which one should I get?

  2. Have you tried the Speedy on? What size? 25? 30? I was going to go with a Speedy 25, but when I tried it on at the LV store, I determined that it wasn't "me." And, then I promptly went downstairs to Coach and got a Sophia.

    Speedy is timeless, though, and will certainly outlast anything Coach, in style and quality.

    It really is a matter of personal preference.
  3. I tried the Ebene 30. I was going to get it, but found that it's kinda stiff and not smooshy. I'm not at all thinking about getting the mono or azur because this is a handheld bag and I'm a hand lotion junkie, so, vachetta doesn't really work.

    I found Audrey to be more smooshy and more of a throw-around bag. So, I'm therefore confused of which one to get. I'm more of a shoulder bag kind of girl, but also want to own 1 handheld.
  4. For me, I would get the audrey. I always assume that a speedy LV is fake when I see one in the wild, because there are so many fakes in circulation, and so many people have one.
    It's like Carly. I love her, but I always assume that it's fake unless I can look it over really closely. So many people carried fake Carly.
  5. Hm, to me I could care less if someone thought my bag was fake. If they really knew me they would know I would never carry a fake.Plus, as long as I know it is real is all that matters. I am not purchasing a bag to impress anyone but me. That being said the LV speedy is classic and a beautiful bag, but the speedy was not for me. I just don't like handheld bags though. But if you can handle a hand held bag the speedy would be the bag. It will hold its value pretty well and be timeless to boot. LV gets better with age.
  6. I would go with the one you think you will use more. Of course I love the LV speedy tho:P The canvas does get "softer" and the creases come out when you use it. It wont be super smooshy like leather though...
  7. I was going to get an Ebene 25 myself. There were several reasons why I didn't. 1) I would be devastated if anything happened to it. Not that I wouldn't be upset if something happened to my Coach bags, but LV brings it to another level. 2) It sagged quite a bit with my stuff in it. I didn't want to have to pay another 25 bucks for an insert after dropping 700 (with tax) on the bag. 3) Because this bag is handheld, I would need to be even more careful, because I don't have the option of throwing it on my shoulder like I do with most of my Coach bags. 4) I'd probably be afraid to actually use it and she'd sit in my closet, due to reason 1.

    I would feel much more comfortable with the Audrey, she def is more of a throwaround - like you said. And, Speedy will always be there when/if you're ready...
  8. I would go with the Speedy. Nothing beats rolled leather handles on a satchel.
  9. ah never throwaround the audrey...or any coach bag for that matter LOL
  10. LV Speedy - being coated canvas it would be less delicate than an all leather bag. The speedy could end up being your throw around bag instead. It doesn't have vachetta handles so no need to worry about staining them and you can carry it in the rain. I find that I can be rougher on my coated canvas bags than leather or regular canvas and still looking like new. If it's coated canvas, it's not going to have that smooshy leather feeling no matter how much you break in the bag.
  11. I vote for Audrey because I'm not a huge LV fan and if you get more use from the Audrey it's more for your money.
  12. i love my LV damier speedy!! but im also on the hunt for the leather audrey right now :smile:
  13. I say get both! Hell, the audrey, as lovely as it is.,will be 30% +20% off. And if you feel in a month you prefer one over the other return it!
  14. I'd get the Audrey first, since the speedy is available year round :smile:
  15. i would rather have the louis vuitton. i like the rolled handles,and style all around... the audrey i never grew to love.i am not a huge flat handle fan.