Leather Artsy?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm new to this subforum but I just heard that there will be an all-leather Artsy coming out for fall. I did find a pic in the Fall 10 thread but I was wondering if any LV lover had information about the date, the colours it will come in or the price? I'm in love with that bag and with the Alma vernis Rouge Fauviste so I don't know if I should wait for the leather Artsy or get the Alma...

    Thank you!!!!
  2. Thank you so much!
  3. Leather artsy sounds fantastic! I'd definitely wait for it. Wait, I just read that you're considering Alma too..Hmmmm.it's such a great bag that I'd choose it over Alma, especially if you buy it in epi or vernis.
    Happy shopping and welcome to the LV subforum.

  4. Also in python ....:cloud9:

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  5. Will be in ny and rodeo on oct 15 no sending any elsewhere or charge sends. Everyone else january!
  6. I tried that one on last week. Beautiful but very heavy!
  7. In norway it will come in the spring 2011....

    The price for the emperiente will be almost the same as the antheia... My SA told me first that it will have a bit longer strap then the mono, but after seeing it he said it was the same. So im not going for it in the end...
  8. Thanks everyone for your replies!

    I can wait until October or November but since I'm not even sure I want that bag I don't want to wait until January or Spring... I'm hesitating between the Alma MM vernis, the new soft Lady Dior with the chain, the Chanel Gst and this bag but since I already have a Chanel and a Dior I thought that it was time for me to get my first LV and both the Artsy Empreinte and the Alma look sooo gorgeous!

    The python Artsy looks TDF but I don't even want to know the price:P

    Do you think the Empreinte line will come out earlier in France? I'm from Paris but live in London so I can check in any of these cities but can't afford to go to NY to buy a bag:P

    Also I believe that the Empreinte Artsy will only be in Medium, do you think it's big enough for A4?

    Thanks again, I think I'm going to spend a lot of time in this subforum now!
  9. I am eager to touch and feel this line when it comes out. I'm wondering how the leather feels. I like the Artsy and the wallet looking thing. Not sure of the name:P

  10. I'm really interested in that clutch looking thing too!