Leather and weather

  1. I noticed there was a thread about rain and H, so Togo and Fjord are good with rain (fabulous for me), I would think Epsom is good too, no? There are the raincoats for the bags of course but I´m usually not that kind of girl:sweatdrop: I tend to just live with my bags, not worry about them too much, but I wouldn´t want to ruin something as precious as H.

    What really concerns me in the leather choices, is the durability against really cold weather. There are some mind-numbingly cold days in here in the winter and it snows too. What would be the best leather for me in your opinion?

    I love the look of Togo and chevres and Epsom in reds.
  2. The image of ice forming on the natural grains of the togo leather just zoomed into my mind!
  3. Oh no:crybaby:
  4. I live in Minnesota and have bags in clemence, fjord and chevre.

    All have beautifully handled the weather here!
  5. My votes go to

    1) Vache Liegee
    2) Epsom
    3) Fjord
    4) Togo / Clemence

    In this order of weather shielding power :boxing::biguns::greengrin:
  6. Sory to have scared you, Nola! It just zoomed into my mind!
  7. I'm thinking Epsom for my future Kelly so this is good news that it handles weather well. It doesn't get too cold here in No. Cal but we do get some rain. :tup:
  8. Nola,

    i used my clemence birkin in Sweden in winter and was no problem!!!!
  9. I am partial to Vache Liegee
  10. Excellent! Sweden has a very similar climate to Finland.

    Thank you all for your knowledge, I´m so glad my favorites are included:yahoo: