Leather and colors

Aug 13, 2014
Some random info to share:

If you love a thick beautiful Dooney leather, consider getting some of the few remaining Dillen collection
pieces on ILD. With the current TICKTOCK sale the prices are great. Dillen is a pebbled leather collection.
It's soft, but very substantial. Remaining styles include a drawstring and a tall zip sack shoulder bag
with a beautiful strap. There are also some smaller pieces.

Just know that the lining is the red/white
woven and the internal zipper pocket is a little small. But unless these are show stoppers for you,
the Dillen leather rivals the Florentine leather for quality, IMO. And the cut out pattern gold Dooney
duck emblem is really much nicer than the solid goldtone one. :smile:

I just got the Dillen drawstring in
burnt orange (very neutral shade, doesn't scream orange). OMG the quality of the bag is amazing.
The leather is beautiful and the detailing is so nice.
No outside zip pocket, but this drawstring is nicer than the Flo Hattie (with it's strap issues) and the
Flo small Logan (where the slide doesn't stay up). I love the extra leather detailing on the top, bottom
and sides (contrast color on black or green, almost monochromatic on caramel and burnt orange).

The tall zip sack shoulder bag isn't my style.... but, I may have to buy it anyway. Or get the green
drawstring. Yes, I know it's FOMO (fear of missing out), but this collection is an old one and
Dooney has moved on to other leathers (many of which don't come close to the quality of Dillen).

Yes, I know, pebbled leather isn't Florentine leather. However, pebbled leather has it's
advantages over Florentine. Pebble is much more carefree and easier to keep clean.
And Dillen is a thick, quality pebble leather. It's not much lighter than Florentine.

TMORO Brown.... might be making a comeback. I saw a Tmoro brown Saffiano Editors Tote
featured on a recent QVC program. So, maybe we will see Tmoro brought back in other

Florentine colors: also on QVC, the selection of colors in Florentine handbags has grown again....
most are still darker neutrals, but I'm seeing tables filled for a change. Black, red, chestnut,
natural have been joined by navy, bordeaux, slate, denim, and elephant. Hopefully this means
we will be able to choose from more colors in more styles in the future. New colors and the return
of pastels would be nice. But having 9 colors is better than 4, even if the 9 colors are older
standbys. The Florentine small satchel used to be available in over 20 colors, back in the
day. :smile:
Nov 21, 2020
Thank you so much for this information on the Dillen! I will check it out. Substantial leather is a MUST for me.