Leather aging

  1. just curisou, but after some time have you noticed any scratches, holes or even peeling of leather on your Hermes bags or accesories?
  2. Scratches are just sometimes unavoidable. But holes or peeling? Not that I've seen in my bags and I have some that are 50 years old. I have seen lizard peel on other people's bags if not maintained properly, so I think the best care should be taken with this skin. Also croc and alligator can crack between the scales. Otherwise, Hermes leathers hold up beautifully. They really do use the best leathers around.

    Wait, I take it back, I once saw someone wear holes at the corners of her Birkin. She abused that poor bag. But instances like that are rare.
  3. i just mink oiled some light scratches out of my kelly beautifully.
    until i get my john lobb...
  4. John Lobb...? Do you mean you use the shoe oil for your Kelly?
    How well does it work?:idea:
  5. my bag has taken a fair amount of bangs - not enough to qualify as abuse, but more than a graceful person's purse would encounter, over nearly 4 nears and no holes or visible scratches.
  6. tiny scratches ya like on my BJ. my fault. holes, peeling, cracks; no.
  7. I have a 32 year old Box calf Kelly and it's as gorgeous as the day it was made. I have a 50 year old Croc Kelly and that baby is absolutely stellar....I also have a few bags that are only a couple of years old and they are still beautiful. The Box calf tends to get marked and develope a patina with age but that's the nature of the leather....with care and visits to the spa they will last my lifetime and my daughters.
  8. I saw a Birkin that was cracking along the folded edges on the side. This was a resale Birkin in mint condition, except for this. The cracking was slight but it really bothered me to see it. The leather was VGL or Courcheval. I think Hermes has discontinued both of these leathers, but this would be a consideration with a vintage bag in one of these leathers.
  9. Wow must be quite scary to see a cracking edge on a Birkin.
    I have had an incident where there's actually a small piece peelig off my Prada shoes (lamb skin) and I had to carefully take it off, but still left a small hole on the leather:sad: Would this affect the life and intergrity of the leather?
  10. Arcangel do you use the John Lobb shoe oil on your Kelly? How well does it work?
  11. hi all,

    i've just received my 1st proper hermes bag! i'm so excited! she's an 18 yr old black box kelly.

    the overall condition is great but i noticed wrinkles or maybe it's the beginning of leather cracking on quite a large part of the bag, both on the front and the back and the flap. but none of the leather is "really" cracking yet, i mean no whitish parts at all.

    the clochette however, has definite cracking on it.

    i've brought it to the craftsman, hoping that he will be able to do something to it. he told me he will only be able to reduce the scratches but he won't be able to do anything to the wrinkles because the leather is too dry. he told me to use any neutral leather polish and moisturize the bag weekly.

    thought i'd check with you ladies if you have any more advice for me?

    thanks so much!
  12. Hope it's ok to ask this in this thread since it is about maintaining the leather of H bags. Has anyone ever used the Meltonian cream (or any other cream) on fjord leather. My Bolide has a little dirt mark, probably from rubbing against something. I can't seem to rub it off with my fingers. Since it's sort of a matte leather, I was wondering how a cream would affect it.
  13. What color is the leather? If it isn't too light, I would try something on it (I favor using a Q-tip or soft cotton cloth and a very gentle lotion like Mustela's baby cleansing milk...use sparingly). Fjord's pretty tough, should be able to handle it. I've also used unscented Lubriderm, again, very sparingly...I could be nuts and am completely fine with others disagreeing with this approach, but I've had good results using, occasionally, these types of lotions on dark clemence and vintage black box leathers. It might make the leather temporarily a bit more shiny. But if it's just one spot you will probably be OK. As my clemence bags have aged and developed a patina of sorts, they have gotten less matte, and the lotions now don't seem to affect that matte/shiny quality.

  14. ^^ I've heard that the 'eyes' of ostrich leather can drop off.

    I've got a question about leather too..... I've been toying with the idea of getting a white H bag either in clemence or togo leather, but worry about it getting dirty or yellowing. Does anyone know how to prevent that? Lovin My Bags has a Handles Only cream, has anyone used this on a H bag before?

  15. I would love to see a pic of your 32 and 50 year old Kelly's.. Wow!!:drool::drool: