LEAST helpful SAs

  1. What store do you think has the LEAST helpful SAs?

    I think Abercrombie and Fitch has the least knowledgeable SAs. Every time I go there, something happens and no one knows how to fix it. One time I was there doing a return and the cashier put the refund on the gift card when I had the original receipt, tags, and my credit card with me!!! He just said that it was "easier" for him and I could use it at any A&F store...REALLY??? Well, then I asked for a post void and no one knew how to do that. Then another time I was doing an exchange and there was a tax difference, so I was supposed to get money back...well, I didn't get anything back because the cashier didn't know how to override the tax. OK...

    Asking them to find something in your size hasn't worked great either. I once asked for a sweatshirt in Medium and the SA brought me out a S. I asked her if she had a M and she said, "Hmmm...I guess that's all we have!"

    So, basically, every time I go there, I get no help!

    What about you?
  2. Ugh- when I shopped at A&F they were usually helpful and nice- except for the one time this guy kept trying to get to buy smaller sizes. I think they're really nice at Nordstrom. But a few days ago my mom and I walked into the Fossil outlet, and while the store is obviously not high end and I didn't expect them to fall over themselves to help us, we were completely IGNORED! I was so mad, but the only thing I did was, as we walked out, I turned around and said "thanks for all your help."
  3. i was shocked at the service i got at charles david inside the brea mall in california. My mother and I had planned on getting two pairs of shoes each...esp. these cute red patent ones. obviously we didnt get them because she was giving us so much attitude.
  4. I use to work at A&F & the reason the service is so bad is because it is the worst job ever! You are being paid min wage to fold clothes for hours on end. The majority, I would say at least 80%, only work there for about a week to get their 50% off discount & then quit because the job is like torture. This is likely why they don't know what is going on, most of them have only been there for a short amount of time & do not care a lot about the job...Sorry to ramble, just thought I'd explain!

    On to the question! I went to the Chanel area at NM this weekend & the SA was horrible! Not only did it take her around 20 minutes to get over say a single word to me but she was so rude. I mentioned that I the Hawaii boutique was having a promotion but that is no reason to be rude. Maybe because I look young & was dressed casually? Anyway, she only let me hold the bag for a few seconds befor taking it back & simply said, "all done" in an annoyed manor. She looked like she wanted to kill me when I asked to see a tote in a different size& then after a few seconds did the exact same thing, put the bag in the case & walked away! I was furious!
  5. hmm.. worst service ever? hmm. iono.. i've always gotten good service. even in stores i never shop in or never buy anything from but are always in to just "look".

    i will say however, SA's in department stores are ALWAYS bitter about something. namely, macy's/bon marche's or any lower end department store. except people in kohl's or Tuesday's are namely nice. Nordstrom rack folk are rude and pissy, but off 5th people are polite.
  6. In defense of SA's, I recently started working and I didn't really get trained very well on register. The manager just kind of dumped the job on me because the store is so busy. It's tough ringing up customers when there's a long line. It's even harder to do exchanges and refunds by yourself because of the procedures you have to follow. :sad:

    I can understand that it's frustrating as a customer though.
  7. yea, i'm always the one training our new employees at the register, and i always have to keep reminding the customer that they're new and to ask for them to please be patient. the customers are usually at that point really nice afterwards. if i see that they needa get out of the store quick (usually to pick up the kids) i'll take over the transaction or take them to another register to get them out the way, so i can keep helpin out the new people.

    even on busy days i try my best to look out for the new people on registers, just cuz it'll hold up the lines more if they're slower/more confused.
  8. The worst SAs ever are the Chanel girls here in Munich they are so rude and arrogant that they won't earn any business from me. I've never been treated like this before in any shop in the world. First they ignored me and than she gave me the look like I couldn't afford a bag and it wasn't that I looked shabby. I really hate it when SA do this. Honestly they are the ones who can't afford anything where they work and to judge people just by the outfit is very dangerous. If I ever buy a chanel bag it won't be here in Munich. I'm still getting mad when I think a bout it.
  9. That's true. I'm really slow right now because I'm not used to it yet. It slows me down even more when I'm dealing with a rude customer because it makes me nervous. It looks like an easy job but you can really feel the pressure when the line builds up.

    I work at H&M so it's definitely very crazy. I seriously wanted to cry the first time I worked the register because I didn't have anyone training me. :cry: I was so confused.

    What store do you work at?
  10. Macys!!!! Never anyone available to help me...went in one time for a DB purse (before I discovered LV)..knew exactly what I wanted...had to wait 25 minutes while she helped some woman who asked to see every Coach purse and then walked away! Get the same service at their watch counter, womens clothing, juniors clothing, and oh god their shoe department service is horrid!

    Nordstrom was always great...Saks was great...even Marshall Fields in Chicago was great service!
  11. I find bloomies and Nordstroms they're great

    In Macy's they can't be bothered

    and saks and Neiman they look at you if your under 40 and don't want to waste their time unless the bag your carrying is like a 2k bag
  12. I can't stand most A&F and Hollister employees. Excuse me for not being blonde, a size 0 and in a sorority :rolleyes: Most of the time the SAs at NM are nice to me, but I have noticed that it depends on how I am dressed and what bag I am carrying. That annoys me :mad: I have had good experiences at LV, Coach and Chanel, as well as the Chanel boutique inside Saks.
  13. Neimans, Neimans, Neimans. I don't know if it's just the one out here at Tyson's Galleria in Virginia/DC - however, their SA's are so rude, stuck up, prejudice and in some cases, racist. Not only will I not shop there ever again, I would be reluctant to shop at any of their other stores because of them.

    I have never been treated (consistently) with such distain and rudeness - anywhere - their SA's are even known for making other Mall Staffer's cry because they are so rude. Not to mention that the stories of how they judge the folks that come in by what they are wearing - are legendary with the rest of the mall staffers - bad sign - truly a bad sign.

    Never I say - Never
  14. HORRIBLE! I am sorry they made you feel this way...:cry:
  15. I think Saks and Neimans have the best SA's. Also, might be because when I walk in everyone knows me!!!! lol :biggrin: