Least favorite chore?

  1. What chore around the house do you HATE, do you DESPISE? Maybe some PFers can give us advice on how to make these chores easier/less despicable :yucky:

    My least fav is usually bringing in the groceries (carry all the way from car to security door on apartment, then set everything down, then unlock security door, pick everything up, haul everything upstairs, set everything down, unlock my apartment door, try to make sure the cat doesn't escape while picking everything up again, go into apartment while shooing cat, shutting door with foot, then finally putting it all on the counter. Then go back for next load...). It's such a little chore but such a big pain for me! I'm also not a big fan of ironing, but at least that doesn't involve heavy stuff.

    This time of year, though, I'd say my least favorite is cat grooming. Who knew a 9 pound shorthair cat could produce THAT much hair, I'm covered in it by the time I'm finished. But the cat looooves it, so at least it makes her happy :biggrin:
  2. Cleaning the litterbox!
  3. Absolutely!:yes:
  4. DISHES! I despise them!! lol
  5. I like doing the dishes. People always leave you alone!
  6. Cleaning the bathtub! Ugh! I can't believe something used to make one clean can end up being so terribly dirty!
  7. I hate cleaning my sink.
  8. Folding laundry. Love washing it, hate folding it.
  9. That's a good one! Haha, I share the hatred, I do, I do. That's why I always try to pawn it off on my brother :lol:
  10. Ummm....all of them? lol
    Seriously though in order are my list of most despised chores:
    1. Bathroom in general
    2. Litterbox
    3. Putting laundry away
    4. Changing bed sheets (I have a duvet cover and it's a PITA to change...and big puffy pillows that are sooo hard to get into pillowcases)
    5. Grooming cats (2 persians = major PITA)
    6. Bathing dog (he jumps around everywhere and won't stay still....I usually do this right before I shower b/c I'm soaking wet by the end of it)

    I don't mind dishes b/c I have a dishwasher lol, vacuuming kinda sucks too but not so bad, cleaning hottub isn't so bad either.
    I find loud music makes it all go faster and since I'm dancing around with the vacuum cleaner it can actually be a workout and fun!

    I think the solution is to hire a maid lol
  11. Me too Coachkatie. :yucky:
  12. Cleaning the Toilet:yucky:
  13. Toilets, hands down. Especially when water accidentally splashes on you. :yucky:
  14. Vacuuming. It makes me hot and I hate it.
  15. I live in a condo and I bought one of those cart thingys on wheels and just keep it in my trunk so when I go grocery shopping I can just pile all my bags into it to take upstairs to my place.

    It makes things MUCH easier!!!