LEAST favorite Bal bag style?

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  1. The Shrug and the Step. Both gorgeous but neither were functional for me.
  2. Too small for me: First Twiggy

    Too big for me: Weekender

    To heavy for me: Part time, midday
  3. pom pon
  4. I'm too picky, First, Day, Brief, Twiggy & the Clutches are the least on my list.

    My fav is the CITY.
  5. Ditto. ;) I think I like most styles, but I haven't tried them all yet...
  6. shrug, besace, brief, chic, hobo
  7. I think different styles are good for different occasions and different people.

    However, in a nutshell, the styles I find work least for me are anything that
    (1) can't fit all my stuff - (First, Hip) and/or
    (2) has no top zip/is open at the top and so my stuff tends to fall out (Besace, Pom) and/or
    (3) envelopes all my stuff (Courier) and/or
    (4) overly structured or too deep (Brief, Folder)
  8. The First looks too small on me too:sad: It looks great on others but on me, it just look out of proportion!
  9. Weekender and Town (I think that's what I'm thinking of lol) and the Pompon. I don't like big bags or totes and the Pompon seems to strange to build an outfit around for me
  10. Work (and Day).

    I tried to love them but the bottom always sags and looks sloppy no matter how I arrange things inside. Purse organizers are cumbersome; I like to throw my stuff in and go! I placed a piece of cardboard on the bottom of my Works which helped with the sagging but the base was too wide and awkward with the bag on my shoulder. I give up! No more Works for me.
  11. Me too.