LEAST favorite Bal bag style?

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  1. I'd have to say the first...
  2. I would have to agree
  3. Mine sort of changes from time to time. I'll go with the weekender, the design of the bag gets lost for me in that proportion.
  4. I agree on the first.
  5. besace i guess
  6. First - too small for me!
  7. I am still relatively new but now have 2 Firsts and this could be my favorite all-time handbag ever, the size is perfect for me. I have been searching for this sized handbag forever, it is a dream!

    I don't have a least favorite yet... I don't even have a least favorite in pictures, LOL.
  8. I never met a Balenciaga I didn't like.
  9. I've never been a small bag person and when I first got into Balenciaga, I didn't like the first. But as time goes on I have grown to like pretty much every Bal model I see....
  10. I should also clarify - I LIKE the first but do not like it on me! If I was smaller I would definitely buy one!

  11. I don't like the shrug...
  12. ^ I don't like the shrug either... I think I love every other style though although sometimes not on me (like the pom)
  13. I'm not a Pom Pom fan...
  14. I happen to like the first the most actually, cos I am a tiny-size and I don't bring alot along with me, so for that, my least favorite will have to be the bigger styles like weekender and work.
  15. Not a fan of the Chic bag with weird strap.