Least expensive make-up brands at Bloomingdales?


Feb 6, 2011
I just got a gift card for $150 to bloomingdales for my birthday. I'm a college student so I'm not looking to buy Chanel make up or anything like that. I hoping to get a couple of things since I'm on a tight budget. Could anyone suggest a make up brand that is the least expensive? It's kind of hard to tell online but Clinque seems like the most reasonably priced.



only once you live
Dec 11, 2005
I'd take a look at the mid-range brands: Benefit, UD, MAC, Too Faced, as well as the aforementioned Clinique. Too Faced and UD have lovely, good value for $ palettes, and Benefit has a lot of sets out right now for the Hols.

However, with Holiday time in full-swing and brands offering Gift Sets and GWPs, this might be one of the best times to check out some of the higher-end brands - Lancome at Dillard's for instance, has a $57.50US set that is valued at $300 bought seperately, when one spends I think $34US on regularly priced item. I don't know if Bloomingdales' has the same promo on (I live in Canada), but it's worth a shot.


Jun 18, 2008
Bay Area
I would get either stick with Clinique or MAC. Don't know if they sell Urban Decay but that's a good choice for eyeshadow palettes. Benefit IMO is overpriced and the products are mediorce.

CLinique may have gifts with purchase but MAC has the Back to MAC program so you can continue to get cosmetics after your done with them. Also see if your Bloomingdale's giftcard can be accepted at Macy's. They have Inglot and Material Girl there.