Least expensive leather?

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  1. I tried to search with no luck but I'm curious which is the least expensive leather? Also I heard somewhere certain colours are more expensive then others?

    Thank you for your time. ;)
  2. I think what most of the amazing ladies here will tell you is that if you're thinking about any kind of big purchase (birkin, kelly, etc), the difference between the cheapest leather and the more expensive (non-exotics) is so irrelevant compared to the overall price of the bag, you should just pick what you want the first time around.

    In my very limited experience, per $1k of goods, difference from most expensive to cheapest non-exotic is around $100. I believe togo is somewhere on the lower half tho.
  3. I'm not too sure of my favourite. All seem so lovely I guess I am best to see them in person.
  4. If you go to the store, they actually have a rather large book of almost every leather in just about every color. It definitely helps to see them all like that, next to each other, so you can compare. The SA's can really enlighten you as to the details of each leather, how its made, what its best for, etc.
  5. This is correct. :tup:

    There is no price difference based on colour.
  6. i think epsom is 100 us dollars less than togo, or was a year or so ago! :smile: chevre is a bit more expensive as is box :smile:
  7. Togo, clemence and epsom are around the same price point.
  8. I think Epsom is the least then Togo/Clemence. But they are pretty close! It's great if you can check the different leathers out in person because you might really love one or really dislike another. Same with colors in different leathers. You might love a color in one leather and then it's a totally different color in another. With Epsom I know some people love it and some do not. I love it and would love my next bag to be Epsom!:tup:
  9. This there is a thread on this already. Frankly, no cheap anything~~this is Hermes!
    Given the overall cost the difference in the basic (non exotic) leathers are nominal.
    Less than tax.
  10. I thought togo was the least expensive but may be wrong. Like everyone says though the difference is minimal. When it comes to exotics though the price difference is rather large. Ostrich being the cheapest, then lizard which is about 50% on top of the ostrich and then croc which is about another 50% on top of the lizard - or so my SA told me, I don't have the same bag in all 3 so can't vouch for it, if anyone knows different please chime in so that I can stand corrected! I know alot of tpf'ers do have the full range so would definitely know!
  11. I always heard Epsom was the "cheapest" leather but when it comes to Hermes, nothing is cheap and whatever the price difference is, it can't be too much less. Not enough to motivate anyone's preference when buying a bag anyway.
  12. Thank you for your answers everyone! And a book with all the different leathers sounds lovely. Thanks again!

    I did a search with no luck.

    And I understand Hermes is not cheap. I was just curious if the price jump was large a few thousand, or a few hundred as I am now understanding it to be..
  13. I looked at a 35 cm Vache Liegee Birkin, price of $9,700.00 (tax not included).
  14. this is probably the most expensive non exotic.:yes: