leash and collar

  1. I have been wanting to purchase a colorful, fun matching leash and collar for my cat. I like coach's leash, but their collars seem too bulky. LV's are to common. I could only find collars made by kate spade. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Burberry makes some really cute collars
  3. Trish Hampton has some cute collars & leads. (The site is geared towards dogs, but I would imagine the smallar collars & leads would work on a cat.)
  4. Juicy Couture has some
  5. Thanks so much for the wonderful suggestions that I would have never thought of! Many of them would look so pretty on my kitty! Thanks so much!:yes:
  6. Purplekitty, please post pics of your cat modelling her collar(s). Thanks. :smile:
  7. Once my boston gets full sized, I am looking into getting her a Juicy. I think the colors are more vibrant.
  8. and coachkatie beat me to it. im not a fan of juicy accessories but i love the contrasting colors of their leashes.
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