Learning to spot fakes....

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  1. mono bags arent lined. others have mustard or red laacantra lining. iv never paid attention to the double stitching, maybe john 5 could shed some light on that.
  2. id like to know the answer to that, too! if they DON'T double stitch, i'm bidding on a fake epi pochette from an MPRS (just submitted an offer)!!! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEBTOX:IT&item=220140402819&_trksid=p3984.cTODAY.m238.lVIsometimes I am skeptical of My Poupette Recommended sellers...I think some of them may just have excellent fakes that fool EVERYBODY..isn't that a scary thought? :s But what else can I do when I really want a bag I can't find in the stores anymore :sad:
  3. That's what I thought at first about the double lining, HOWEVER I went to LV store to do some inspection on couple of bags. They DO have some double stitching, especially in the corner or where they place the heat stamp square. So, IMO double stitch does NOT mean fake. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  4. I wish there was a thread with detailed visual examples of what constitutes a fake...kind of like the guide that Fashionphile did on eBay, but with many more examples. I don't think it would be allowed though (or it would be frowned upon) because it could help the counterfeiters make better fakes :hrmm:.
  5. its a no no because it would help counterfeiters. label addict once posted a great thread about spotting a real MC, like a colour guide. and it got deleted
  6. I see people asking WEIRD questions sometimes and it just makes me wonder who they may be working for. If you want help with authenticity then post the item in the AUTHENTICATE THIS thread! Many will be happy to help you!
  7. Yeah I'm usually suspicious when people ask.
  8. especially if they have a low post count.

  9. Agreed :biggrin:

    I questioned someone's posts asking about their "dream bag" and later found all her posts deleted. So my suspicions were true I think.
  10. really? im just a suspicious person. i know some new people really need help and i was one of them once but the way some people word their questions makes me think twice about their motives
  11. I have red epi pochette it doesn't have black edges like the one above but it does have double stitches bought from LV store about a year ago
  12. yep it just disappeared but I asked about it and that's why it was deleted it's tough because we want to stay safe when buying but we don't want to help the fakey fakers
  13. Do my poupette recommended sellers ever sell fakes? I've seen a few auctions for LV bags on Ebay and the handles have the plastic things around it...and i dont ever recall seeing that in a LV store...but the seller has like a million feedback and is a my poupette seller.

  14. SA's sometimes do leave the plastic around the handles, although they regularly are supposed to take them off before they are given to the customers or are displayed on the floor.