learning to say NO!!!

  1. I think that is the hardest part of Hermes to me.

    My SA called me the other day and a beautiful bolide in a veau chaminox leather came in. I had been talking about this bag for awhile...liking it, etc

    but I had to say NO! I am waiting on my birkin for fall and just bought one about 2 months ago.

    And I am going on a trip, etc...so trying to be good.

    Isn't it hard when you get a call from a SA and a GREAT harder to get bag comes in.....and its hard to say no!

    stories? from girls! Lets work up that NO power
  2. You will be glad when the call comes for your Birkin. I love Bolides, but I'm hanging on for a Birkin too. Is veau chamonix the name of the leather only or is it the colour too, like 'porc' is the leather and the colour if you know what I mean, what colour is it, please
  3. its the natural colored chaminox....a matte version of the box.

    well...mostly....I wanted to start a thread....that is more than just taking is slow.

    but when your SA calls and the pressure is on..and it can be hard to say no..turn things down, etc or see something in the store, putting it on hold...and realizing when you walk out you were glad you didn't just buy...but still having to tell your SA no.
  4. It does take some practice, doesn't it? :yes:

    But I'm getting quite good at it. This month I've already been called by a few stores and said no to three ostrich birkins 35 and a black croc 30. I'm just waiting for the perfect thing to materialize. :smile: If you can see that in your head and do a cost benefit analysis between the birkin on offer and The One You Want, then maybe saying no would be simpler. (It's a shame they're all so fantastic in real life.) :girlsigh:
  5. This thread is very helpful to read right now! I am trying to save up for other things besides Hermes - a trip to Europe, for example - and this is helping me maintain resolve. Good for you on not just buying something because it was offered!
  6. Yes, it IS very hard to pass on something so wonderful! But, just know that the PERFECT thing will appear at the PERFECT time - and that's what always helps me. Although, lately, for me, it seems like the perfect thing is showing up at the perfect time a LOT! :s
  7. I don't have that word in my vocabulary lol - that's why I can't call and tell a SA that 'if they ever see this bag' -- each time I do they have it and therefore I own it lol....
  8. I know its hard. I just got called about a 32 HAC fuschia chevre...HARD TO SAY NO TO THAT DANG IT.

    but mostly.....in general to all SA its hard....esp Hermes because you worry about them not calling you in the future because you keep saying no...you know. haha.
  10. yeah I gotta just know...when you return things....or say no, etc...........its okay. its your money, your hard work earning the money, etc.

    I am guessing if you are always saying no and never buy anything...yes it might affect the relationship....but still no is no and learning to be okay with no is good!
  11. Ugh... I'm so in this boat right now. My SA just called me about a black birkin that was on my wishlist. I'm having such a struggle to justify a 3rd birkin. Then she goes on to say that I've been such a great customer that they're willing to do a special order for me. I'm so torn, and the prices have gone up so much!
  12. Totally agree with you on this one GG - it's the hardest part of H to me too. I am getting much better at it (and have no difficulty with it at all as far as other things are concerned), but since Birkins and Kellys, not to mention other hard-to-acquire H items, are so hard to come by - you tend to feel guilty turning things down repeatedly.

    BUT when you start doing the math and realize that if you get "X", you won't be able to get "Y", it becomes MUCH easier.:yes:
  13. i feel exactly the same to you guccigal...
    but my pressure is to say no to Louis Vuitton....when they just showed me special models with exotic leathers that i've never seen before.....
    in the end, i will just have to say no...because i want to use all my funds to get as many H as possible...
  14. it is hard. I just saw the HAC. beautiful.

    I mean I feel if you wait long enough you can get exactly what you want! And it is hard to justify sooo many birkins. I have 2 and have a order coming to me. I feel SO bad!!
  15. I'm hoping this thread will help me learn to SAY "no"...:shame: