"Learning to live with hunger..."

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  1. God, I must sound like I do nothing but watch Oprah. In fact, I rarely watch Oprah, but here I go again:

    So I heard on Oprah a really interesting comment: "You have to learn to live with hunger if you want to lose weight because if you keep feeding the hunger, your body will never get around to burning the fat stored up."

    Bah, I hate being hungry. I'm a hungry monkey right now, as a matter of fact. Trying to get my mind off it.

    How's everyone else doing with their pre-spring weight loss?
  2. I think to the fact that hunger is a fact of life for many people in the world. I also fast occasionally so hunger is kind of a not big deal for me.

    Weight loss is going.. slowly. Bah !
  3. well the trick is - is to not let yourself get hungry. and never eat until you're full. eat until you're no longer hungry and then keep eating every 5 hours until you're not hungry. sounds strange, but it works. eat 6 small meals a day. and your stomache will shrink, because it no longer needs the capacity it is now.
  4. Doing good for now, hopefully it'll continue!
  5. I like my stomach being hungry than full. It's not hard if you're used to it. Just take your mind out of it. You can go window shopping if you feel like going out or internet browsing (planning your next purchase) or if you really really bored reorganize your closet, bags and shoes. Experimenting new makeups.. (all those fun hings) Basically keep yourself busy.....It works and I successfully lost my pregnancy weight (twice) within 2 months ( back to my prepregnancy size)... If there's a will there's a way;)
  6. i forget which supermodel said this, about keeping weight off or losing weight- "what do you really want more- this piece of chocolate cake- or to look hot in a dress?" i'm paraphrasing and of course we all know what the answer is.
  7. lol Nothing tastes as good as thin feels?

    But cake sure is tasty.
  8. Precisely. Hungering your way down to your target size is not healthy... and has lead to many cases of anorexia as well. Sad to see beautiful women waste away. :oh:
  9. I have and I am trying this eating small amount every 4-5 hours a day. I do admit, I'm not in a regular work out routine. I have gained 8lbs. What exactly do you eat for Break. lunch and dinner along with inbetween snacks?
  10. I don't think this is true at all.
    If you eat lots of high volume veggies, fiber, and some protein with every meal, you don't have to go hungry.
    I had an ED for a long time, and I used to love the feeling of being hungry. I don't think it is a good thing. :sad:
  11. morning, eat something small- a bowl of oatmeal when i get hungry at work i snack on some potato chips- i drink LOTS of water and green tea. lunch i have udon noodle soup or pasta. dinner usually rice/fish/chicken and snack on fruit if you can.

    but it's really not what you eat but the amount you eat i've noticed. i do try to stay away from icecream and generally things that have high fructose corn syrup in it.

    oh and before you say something like "yeah you're so tiny blah blah blah." it takes a lot of effort not to gain weight on my end. it's very easy for me to put the pounds on if i wanted. so i do have to watch what i eat- meaning not to over eat.
  12. The cake, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Instead of depriving yourself, why not have a small piece of the cake, instead of a regular slice. You look just as hot, if not hotter because you're satisfied.
  13. well of course if you are really craving for something, go ahead and indulge yourself before you binge and that would be bad....

  14. This response went into the wrong thread :lol: It was supposed to be in the summer/spring weight loss thread. In any case, I agree with the 6 small meals and not eating until really full! Its kind of hard in the beginning, but if you change your lifestyle it should become easier.
  15. I feel the same way, too.

    Everyone's always like, "You're tiny!" But I try to stay that way! Although I could really out-eat all your husbands combined. :amazed: Horrible, me and my extraordinary-expanding stomach.