Learning About Legacy... I need info to make a smart purchase!

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  1. Ok! Found out what the Legacy line is all about... WHERE WAS I? IN A CAVE? I LOVE the Legacy bags! (fans herself)
    But seriously... since I totally missed out on them when they were out, I am looking on EBay and Bonanzle and have found a few that look really really nice.
    I don't know enough about the Legacy line in particular to know if I am going to get a good deal!
    So all I know is... that they were in boutiques, sold well, and then Coach re-issed them straight to Factory. So how can I tell the difference? Will it say something on the creed? What was average price for a small to mid-size legacy handbag? How about for a Factory Legacy handbag?
    Was there a significant difference in quality between boutique and Factory?
    I remember someone on here finding an old Coach catalog in their files that had the Legacies... Boy that old catalog would be a biiig help to me right now to better guage what is a reasonable price to pay now... I don't mind paying decent $$$, I just don't want to get ripped off!
    Ok phew that's it...
    I would totally appreciate an "education" on Legacy, so to speak, if anyone is willing to read my post and has the time! Thank you!
  2. The Made For Factory ones DON'T have Legacy lining, and they have a "F" infront the style number.

    So D073 - F11111.

    Quality wise is consideraly lesser than the original Legacy ones. I think I saw a Legacy catalog on eBay for $10.

    Price-wise, I would find the bag that you are interested, get the style number and search it on the Coach sub-forum. You'll find reveals, past purchases and members on here and most of them say how much they paid.

    Hope that helps!
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    legacy bags where made in colors rose, pond, whiskey, walnut, clay, natural, white (WW), black, raisin, juniper, atlantic (for lily)..from 2006-2007. there are xl lily, lily, mandy courier, gigi, leigh, bridgit, shoulder bag, shoulder tote, ali, ali slim, shoulder flap, demi, pouch, and swingpack.. there are other bags with legacy lining (luci, some ergo bags, etc but they are not considered legacy bags)

    they have legacy lining, brass hardware and the leather is hard to describe..i love the leather of boutique legacy 1000000000x more then MFF..the colors they duplicate looks same but definitely different from the factory (MFF version) (texture and feel of) and the MFF does not have brass, but gold hardware. they also include color raspberry both in leather and khaki siggy with raspberry trim..this color scheme was never released in boutique. they also did some of the same color schemes that was released in boutique but you can tell between the leather, hardware (brass versus gold) and the lining (legacy versus solid sig c lining).

    then there is the 2008 release of legacy which is different leather, and look altogether. garcia leather (looks almost patent but not quite, a hybrid of in between..) and if you want more info on that i'd be happy to type (or someone else here) but its almost midnight and i'm running low on brain fuel
  4. This helps alot! Thank you!
  5. No problem and I believe you found the right catalog..LOL..it's 3 AM ova here..gonna crash now. :biggrin:
  6. Thank you!!!