Learning a new language?

  1. Has anyone here ever successfully learned a foreign language as a teenager/adult? And if you have, can you share some tips. I took Spanish classes for 6 years (from ages 12-17, and another class at age 21) and was in Argentina for a month. I am able to express what I want, but can barely understand others because the words seem to flow so quickly. Can you share your stories/experiences? Thanks.
  2. I have. English is my third language! I took English lessons for about 2 years before I went to study for a full schoolyear in Texas. I was 13 at the time, and though the lessons I had taken in Mexico gave me the very basics, it wasn't til I spent that year fully immersed in the English language that I achieved a 100% fluency. My teachers used to say I have a good ear; most people say I don't have an accent at all (except maybe for a bit of a southern drawl).

    Spanish is my native language, so if you have any doubts, questions, or need help, feel free to PM me. I'm always glad to help!
  3. I haven't but I wish I could. I'm trying to learn Spanish, but so far, I haven't been able to master it very well...
  4. Out of curiousity, about how long did it take you until you felt comfortable conversing in English? I'm trying really hard to learn because i'm the only one in my department who doesn't speak Spanish and I constantly feel like meetings are conducted in English to accomodate me.
  5. I got french lessons in school when I was 13 years old. I do understand everyday stuff and most french talking (I still have french business lessons at uni now) but I can't talk as fluently as in English (which I started at age 9 or 10). Mostly because I lack the vocabulary (too lazy to study :whistle:) and practice. What helped me most with English was listening to Music everyday (which was mostly English) so I guess listening to French music, watching films and spending some time in the country are best. I believe I already made an improvement in pronouncing when visiting Paris for 4 days and being all on my own
  6. Yep, I'm learning English, French and German.
    I can speak some French (mostly ordering stuff, like "Je voudrais une baguette et quatre croissants"), barely any German (sorry, but I just hate the language!).
    Odd enough, I say "je ne sais pas" and "ich habe keine blasse Ahnung" (translation: I don't know;)) all day long.

    And English, well, I like English, so I'm quite good at it. I watch lots of movies and series with English subtitles and read English books to get used to the language.
  7. My only suggestion would be to spend as much time as possible in the country. And watch lots of music videos. That helped me a lot with Spanish and French!
  8. For three years I have been trying to learn Spanish but as it is so very different from English, I am having a very hard time. I definitely am not one of those people to whom languages come easily.
  9. lol, why are you learning it then?
  10. I took French for nearly 4 years and I cannot string a sentence along, I like to say Im fluent tho, but actually Im not haha.

    I *may* be signing up for a Greek course this week if all goes to plan but Im a little worried LOL because I dont take to languages easily.
  11. School;)
  12. For the last 9 years I have been studying french and for the last 5 years german. I am terrible and only managed a B in german and C in french in my gcse's. I have since dropped them. You can only really learn a language if you are immersed in it IMO
  13. I have too. I took English classes when I was 15-18. I knew how to write and read but I wasnt able to speak, only in class. I was to shy I guess. When I moved here, it was a little hard at the beginning because I was a little embarrased thinking people would make fun of me or something but then I was llike whatever man, I need to do this, I didnt wanna be like all this people that've lived here for like 20 years and dont speak any english at all. I wacthed a lot of music videos, read book in english and watched 90% of movies in english too, I'd put subtitles to read at the same time that you practice your pronunciation. Look for songs that you migh like and look for the lyrics and sing them all loud. Perhaphs, 99 red ballons? hahaha. I love that song.
  14. For the past three yrs I was trying to learn Cantonese from my ex-BF but he told me I will "never" speak it properly because I am fluent in Mandarin (different tones). I do think it's harder to learn a foreign language as an adult, but some languages are easier to pick up than others. I'd suggest finding a friend or language buddy with whom to do a language exchange- it's lots of fun!
  15. I took Spanish throughout high school and learned a little. but it wasn't until college when I had intensive spanish classes and then spent 9 months living in Spain and another 6 months working in Mexico as part of a study/work abroad program. I learned so much more in a little over a year of being fully immersed in the Spanish language than I did in 8 years of high school/college classes. Of course I've forgotten a lot since then but I do try to watch spanish language TV or read spanish magazines to keep some of my language skills fresh.

    You might want to check Craig's List also for language tutors or exchanges. I know a couple people who have found buddy's looking to improve their english skills and offering tutoring/conversation in spanish in exchange for english conversation practice.