Learned something new while SHOPPING AT COACH

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  1. I think I mentioned in another thread that my local Department store is having "Goodwill" Days. Which means you bring in used clothing and they give you a 20% off coupon for anything in the store. This includes Coach.

    My girl at the department store told me that Coach takes these coupons. So while Shopping at Coach. I used 2 of my 20% off coupons. I asked Coach is this something new. Nope!

    So when your department store is having a sale where you need a coupon and it is good on COACH then you can use it at the Coach store.

    Nice to know as my store ( Boston Store, Bergner's, Carson Pirie Scott, Elder-Beerman, Herberger's and Younkers) have this twice a year.

    So I hope this helps someone. Now to upload the pics of what I bought! :yahoo:
  2. Thanx for this :tup:

    I'm not sure if I should've known about this though lol
  3. Oh wow, I need to check this out IMMEDIATELY! :biggrin:

    Can't wait to see what you got!
  4. Is this only in your state? I don't know any of those stores (I'm in So Cal)
  5. I've never so much as heard of any of these stores before. They must not have them out west. Thanks for sharing good info, though!
  6. I would think if one Coach store does it they all would. But call and check when your store is having one of those Coupon sales (any coupon one) Like Macy Friends and Family should work too.

    I am in the Midwest by the way.
  7. Thanks a lot for letting us know. My younkers store in Iowa is doing goodwill sale. but the coach store in that mall said they won't give the discount.
  8. I would call Coach Customer Service. Let them know this. I find it hard to believe that one in Wauwatosa, WI at Mayfair Mall can and the others can't. If you need the number for the one in WI let me know.

  9. Shut! Up! I will have to remember this when Macys F&F rolls around!
  10. I am going to the mall tomorrow. May I ask which store did you get the coupon from (younkers?? )? After taking the coupon, did you just go to the coach store and present them the coupon? I called my local coach store and they said only younkers will give the 20% off as I mentioned in the post. I called the coach store in WI you are talking about and they said all coach store the taking them ?? very strange. Should I call
    [​IMG] or e-mail coach?
  11. Well I called them and also emailed them.....I am waiting for the e-mail reply. When I called, they said it depends on the manager to honor the coupon or not..... but the CS had no idea about goodwill sale !
  12. i remember last year members were getting the Macys F&F coupon honored at their Coach store but in my area So. California they did not honor this. i was very bummed.

  13. I got the coupon from Boston Store. That is all we have here out of that list. I would call and email Coach about this. They should be honoring them at all Coach Stores.
  14. I did and they e-mailed me saying that it depends ion the individual store to take part in mall events or not. So, mine is not interested in taking part in goodwill sale...maybe coz business is down for them
  15. We have Younkers in MI. I haven't ever tried to use my Macy's F&F or the Younkers Goodwill coupons, but it is worth a try this weekend!@