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  1. Okay so I may be behind (please forgive me if this has already been talked about) but I just came across this website - Bag borrow or Steal?

    I was amazed - I had no idea something like that exsisted? Is this for real? You can rent the purse you have been coveting - or do a test run????? Wow....Speechless..

    What do you guys think? I'm still new to this forum, and I wanted to see what other peoples reactions were (sorry no one I know personally shares my love for a beautiful purse - I only have the forum)

    Have a great holiday weekend!!!
  2. you can do a search for it, it's been brought up several times . . .
    I think the general consensus was that it's ridiculous!
  3. i understand doing it for a test run to see if you really like it.. but i would buy a brand new one if i did.
  4. OKay I am glad to see I'm not the only one that thinks it is ridiculous for more than one reason...and now I know to do a search to see if something random has come up before:shame: ...see something new everyday....
  5. well, people are obviously doing it. Look at the couture section, half the bags there are waitlist only, which means someone else has them. What a silly waste of money to pretend you are something else.

  6. Sometimes people who work for that website come in here to try and get us to use them.....we never fall for it though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. honestly, i'd rather the people "rent" high end bags than buy fake ones and wear them like they're real.
  8. soooooo true frozen! sooo true!
  9. Someone broke down the math on another thread. You end up putting out ridiculous money for even the low-end bags.
  10. Bag Borrow or Steal™ - Borrow and Rent Designer Handbags

    Anyone else hear of this? It's like Netflix but with purses. For $9.95 a month, you can borrow a bag, keep it for awhile, then send it back and then they'll send you another one of your choices.

    Okay, um, first of all, you're carrying around what's essentially a used bag. What would you say to people who compliment your purse? "Thanks! It's a loaner, and I'm sending it back!"

    And wouldn't you get too attached to the bag?

    Any thoughts?
  11. yes!!! i have a friend who loves this site but she pays more for the hot bags. she gets compliments and never lets on they are loaners. i don't mind and it doesnt bother me--however, i do think its a funny concept. about getting attached the bag, they have a buy back option but i don't know the particulars. personally, i like to buy my bags the old fashioned way. but, i do see the attraction.
  12. also, nowadays with respectable sites such as bluefly selling fakes, i would worry about getting sent a fake. i know my friend has been happy thus far, but who knows?
  13. Yeah, there is an option to buy, but they use the phrase 'gently used' which would be the same thing if you get something on ebay, right?

    This website makes it possible for just 'anyone' to carry around a designer bag, but what's special about that? Wouldn't it be more meaningful to save up for the bag and then buy one for yourself?
  14. maybe the concept is for people to TRY the bag BEFORE they decide to buy oen themself too?
    i had lots of friends who bought a lot of IT bag s like paddy, spy etc, and decided it's too heavy ot it's not their style. and have to sell it again in cheap price.
    so maybe, if you're indecisive, you can borrow them first and decided to buy it later
  15. I can see what you mean however it doesn't do it for me. Also if you look at it the 9.95 is just a membership fee - you then have to pay extra which at the top scale which I imagine where all our fave bags would be you have to pay an extra 275.00 per month - I would rather put this towards my own bags:smile:
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