learn about our LV girls!


goo chargers! :]
Apr 15, 2007
ok .. so i "stole" this from the chanel forum .. who "stole" it from the balenciaga forum [ lol! ] .. but anyway .. i thought it was a cute idea to learn a little more about our LV girls! [ sorry if this has been done before in here! ]

i'll start! ;)

name: danielle
age: 23
gender: total girlie girl!
resides: san diego
occupation: hair stylist
favorite brand: louis vuitton, gucci, isabella fiore, true religion, rock n republic, c & c ..
hobbies: shopping, scrapbooking, routing on my padres & my chargers, playing with my chihuahua ..
favorite drink: pink lemonade! [ the alcoholic kind! ] .. or a tequilla sunrise ..
favorite food: mexican!
favorite tv show: one tree hill, young and the restless, american idol, friends [ gotta love the re-runs!] .. i :heart: tv! thanks god for DVR! ..
odd things about me: i'm the girliest of girls .. but when it comes to my sports, i am a total boy! i usually know more stats/facts then more boys! and i will never miss a baseball or football game if i can help it!
things that scare me: spiders! .. ew! .. and not being in control! total control freak!
current obsessions: my padres - it's baseball season! .. purses [ but that's a constant! ] .. working out a lot - it's summer, gotta get in that bikini! ..

[ and here's the blank for u to copy and paste! ]

favorite brand:
favorite drink:
favorite food:
favorite tv show:
odd things about me:
things that scare me:
current obsessions:


Only Louis Vuitton
Jan 11, 2007
Here's mine:

name: Jo Ann
age: 36
gender: female
resides: So. Ca.
occupation: Stay at home mom
favorite brand: Louis Vuitton
hobbies: snow skiing, boating, going to the movies, shopping
favorite drink: diet coke & red wind
favorite food: italian
favorite tv show: new adventures of the old christine & two and a half men
odd things about me:
things that scare me: snakes
current obsessions: My Louis'
Oct 24, 2006
name: zoe

age: 12

gender: female

resides: Northern VA

occupation: middle school student

favorite brand: Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Juicy Couture, Prada

hobbies: crafts, SHOPPING, traveling

favorite drink: Coke, Lemonade

favorite food: any kind of Asian food
favorite tv show: I like the Cooking channel

odd things about me: I have had the Chicken Pox 3 times

things that scare me: any kind of bug, clowns, sharks, snakes, spiders

current obsessions: my bags, waiting for summer vacation,


Jan 4, 2007
name: Lorna
age: 32
gender: Female
resides: New Jersey
occupation: Pre- School Teacher but stay at home mum at pressent.
favorite brand: Louis Vuitton
hobbies: Reading, Walking, crafts
favorite drink:Red wine
favorite food: Pasta
favorite tv show: Cold feet, Corrie,
odd things about me: my stubby toes
things that scare me: the dark, drunk people
current obsessions: losing weight
May 22, 2007
name: Taylor
age: 21
gender: F
resides: Southwest, Florida (Gainesville during the school year)
occupation: Student at the University of Florida
favorite brand: Louis Vuitton, J. Crew for everyday clothes
hobbies: shopping, Gator sports, college football, tennis, my horses
favorite drink: champagne
favorite food: Cuban sandwhiches
favorite tv show: Entourage
odd things about me: I live on my family's cattle and citrus ranch
things that scare me: the unknown
current obsessions: LV and traveling


Gettin jiggy w/it!
Aug 25, 2006
age: 35
gender: Female
resides: Hawaii
occupation: Educator
favorite brand: LV
hobbies: My kids, shopping, Golf (when I am not pregnant), Reading
favorite drink: Diet Pepsi
favorite food: Sushi, Steak, Pho, Ice Cream, French Fries, Chocolate
favorite tv show: 24
odd things about me: I am the LV boutique every single weekend and they all know me--how sad is that?, My hubby is Nike Golf
things that scare me: My boss
current obsessions: LV, my little girl


An Obsessed Leftie
Mar 2, 2007
great idea .. love to get to know everyone better

name: Melissa
age: 34
gender: female
resides: illinois
occupation: auto sales manager
favorite brand: Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein
hobbies: drawing, shopping
favorite drink: diet coke
favorite food: chocolate chip cookies
favorite tv show: csi (las vegas), survivor
odd things about me: left-handed, a severe neat freak OCD
things that scare me: the dentist
current obsessions: LV of course, chicago cubs, harry potter (yes I'm an adult and love HP books & movies!)


Shoe Addict
Dec 31, 2005
name: Jen
age: 17
gender: bad ass rocker chick
resides: New Yawk Cityy
occupation: College Freshie & SA at a high end boutique
favorite brand: Louis Vuitton,Juicy,Free People,Moschino,Betsey,Citizen,C&C,R&R
hobbies: Fashion,Cellphones,Cars,hanging out,volunteering
favorite drink: Green Apple Snaps!
favorite food: PAD THAI :heart:
favorite tv show: Law & Order:Special Victims Unit
odd things about me: Im a mixed mutt ;], I drink 2243243 cups of coffee a day
things that scare me: Heights,Driving,losing family
current obsessions:Clothing,L&O:SVU,Bags(losing my handbag fever ;[ )


Jan 23, 2007
name: "Miss"
age: approaching 30
gender: F:cutesy:
resides: on a tropical island (really!)
occupation: Soon-to-be-first-year high school English teacher
favorite brand: LV, Marc Jacobs, Roxy, Sanrio
hobbies: tPF, reading, beach:beach:
favorite drink: coke; diet coke; water; shiraz; POG
favorite food: sandwiches; grilled cheese & chicken noodle soup; sushi
favorite tv show: Drake & Josh, Suite Life of Zack & Cody :shame:
odd things about me: I have a motorcycle license, but no motorcycle
things that scare me: B-52 dive-bombing cockroaches, failure
current obsessions: tPF; Michael Buble/Tom Welling :love:; freaking out about next school year


♥ ♥
Mar 12, 2006
name: :cutesy:
age: 20
gender: f
resides: Qatar
occupation: fashion design student
favorite brand: LV for bags & accessories..
hobbies: drawing, shopping, gym, friends and travelling
favorite drink: coca cola
favorite food: sushi and mexican
favorite tv show: lost, heroes, desperate housewives, ugly betty, grey's anatomy, and the list goes on!
odd things about me: i have a sick football (soccer) obsession since i was young which people find weird because i'm the biggest girl...
things that scare me: darkness and being lonely..
current obsessions: fendi! lol
name: Tami
age: 20
gender: female
resides: Michigan
occupation: Student
favorite brand: Louis Vuitton
hobbies: Horse showing, photography, web design
favorite drink: Green tea
favorite food: Filet mignon
favorite tv show: Deadliest Catch
odd things about me: I can name all the Kentucky Derby winners in order from the very first race.
things that scare me: Spiders
current obsessions: Finding a LV Globe Shopper ... I need that bag!


Somewhat in control
Jan 7, 2007
name: EmilyK
age: 22...damn, wtf happened to 21? :confused1:
gender: F
resides: Hawaii
occupation: ...lol. Professional student?
favorite brand: LV, Chanel
hobbies: Dance, shopping, watching educational TV shows (Discovery Channel!), military aviation (*drool*)
favorite drink: Pepsi
favorite food: Shrimp tempura roll, Roy's crab cakes, bagels, salad. Now I'm hungry.
favorite tv show: The Office
odd things about me: I love the smell of mothballs.
things that scare me: Praying mantis, grasshoppers, cruise ships, roaches, milk (hate it).
current obsessions: My next Chanel, aceing the LSAT, getting married. :heart:


Aug 2, 2006
NAME: Michael
AGE: 18
Resides: New Jersey
Occupation: student
Favorite Brand: Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Zenga and Burberry
Hobbies: horse riding, short hills lol!! Skiing
Favorite Drink: umm lol
Favorite Food: Thai
Favorite TV show: The sopranos and rescue me
Odd things about me: I love atv riding lol love my xbox360
Things that scare me: loosing family, CHEAP HOTELS
current obsessions: Atlantic City/Vegas


wants to travel away
Oct 9, 2006
great thread:tup:

name: Venetia
age: 23
gender: female:girlsigh:
resides: Greece, Crete, Rethymno
occupation: Teacher:smartass:
favorite brand: LV (duh!), Burberry, D&G
hobbies: surfing the net
favorite drink: vanilla shake
favorite food: burgers
favorite tv show: SATC:shame:
odd things about me: I collect fashion books
things that scare me: falling over my heels in public:cursing:
current obsessions:make up


May 7, 2006
name: Kristen
age: 23
gender: Female
resides: Bakersfield, California
occupation: SLS Program Director
favorite brand: Louis Vuitton, and Coach
hobbies: Being with my daughter, and husband. Shopping, Watching Tv (when I can)
favorite drink: Strawberry Lemonade
favorite food: Seafood
favorite tv show: Nip/Tuck, Heroes, Law and Order SVU
odd things about me: I have restless leg syndrone lol
things that scare me: Clausterphobia. If I ever go to jail, the sheriff can let me out early (sorry bad paris joke lol)
current obsessions: Handbags as always