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Mar 26, 2007
Raiding PBC's closet... shh!
Stolen from the Louis Vuitton forum, who stole it from Chanel, who stole it from Balenciaga... :lol: I thought it was fun, so I added a couple of questions and posted it-- and I hope this hasn't been done before! I did a search and didn't find anything. Anyhow, here we go, please jump on the Trivia Train! :tup:

name: Sarah (or "S")
age: 25 on April 27th
gender: Female
resides: Hillbilly Hell, Arkansas
occupation: Graphic Artist
favorite bag brands: Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and a little Coach
hobbies: Drawing, painting, waterskiing, swimming, dancing, SHOPPING!, anything social, anything involving the lake or the beach, travel.
favorite drink: Asian Pear Mojito
favorite band: Dave Matthews Band, Radiohead and maybe Rascal Flatts.
favorite movie: Marie Antoinette (but this changes a lot!)
favorite kind of music: Alternative, Rock, Country... I pretty much like it all!
favorite food: chocolate covered strawberries
favorite tv show: Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, America's Next Top Model and... sadly... Girlicious....
odd things about me: I can touch my nose with my tongue and wiggle my ears.
things that scare me: Cockroaches, snakes, bugs in general
current obsessions: Lagoon, JPG Birkins and the Aquarelle (Watercolor) Louis Vuitton collection.


Still Abby Fabby!!
Oct 21, 2006
Swimmin in a lil bowl
name: AF ;)
age: 30's
gender: Female
resides: East Coast
occupation: Personal Fitness/Life Coach & Business Manager
favorite bag brands: Hermes, Chanel, Gerard Darel
hobbies: working out, shopping, cancer charity volunteer, training my big dogs and lovin on my little ones, my DH, tech toys, & CARS
favorite drink: Splenda Mojito's!
favorite band: Dropkick Murphys, Nickleback, Depeche Mode, Fiona Apple, & Elton John
favorite movie: The Departed
favorite kind of music: Rock, classic rock, moody soloists, classical
favorite food: Tapas
favorite tv show: Dexter, the Tudors, Battlestar Gallactica - I know, WHAT a tech nerd I am!! :Push:
odd things about me: I have a deep seated NEED to organize things (lol part of the reason I life coach, so I can do it for others), I don't wear Black on Sundays - not for any religious reason - just to give the colour a rest.
things that scare me: I, and my house, could probably be greener. I would like to make less trash and recycle more things.
current obsessions: handmade china, redecorating a couple rooms in my house, debating whether or not to break my rule and buy a black bag, and whether or not I want something LV in Vernis cuz I LOVE patent leather. :love:


Hermes please!
Aug 8, 2006
I'll have a go at it!

name: Corey
age: 21 [most would argue 51, I'm a bit boring for my age]
gender: Male
resides: Beverly Hills when @ school --SaddleRiver, NJ is home.
occupation: Student @ FIDM & California Design college [double major]
Interning at Dior Homme & soon barney's.
favorite bag brands: Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Goyard
hobbies: Shopping, vacationing, school, friends, Piano, Violin, Cello, & flute
favorite drink: Pomegranate Passion from Robeks/ White cosmo
favorite band: Maria Callas honestly but band--Au Revoir Simone [track Sad Song played in Hermes Mens show viewable on new website).
favorite movie: The Hours, Galatica
favorite kind of music: Opera & New Age
favorite food: Raw Food diet for the past 2 years. LOL really boring, sorry
favorite tv show: LOVED cashmere mafia, The Hills, Oprah,
odd things about me: I've lunched with Andre Leon Talley 4 times. [mom & him are good friends]
things that scare me: My dad after a day shopping, Donald *****'s hair, Bugs, but Spiders in particular are the devil. moving out of the country.
current obsessions: All I think about is Central St. Martin's School of Design in London [attending next term, anxious about leaving the states!!!]


Whiskey in a Teacup
Oct 31, 2007
Orange County
name: Candace, C Dizz, Snoop doggy dogg, C Dub (why do I have all these gangsta nicknames??)

age: 24 until September 7th

gender: lady

resides: Corvallis, OR and the military department/flight facility.

occupation: lifelong student, philosopher, soldier, flight operations Sergeant and Aviation Program Analyst.

favorite bag brands: Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Coach

hobbies: Sports, art, music, reading, shopping til I drop, Hermes, drinking coffee, talking shop (military related), hanging with my bff Jason

favorite drink: Mojitos, this thing called a Chiquita (made with peach puree, black raspberry vodka and tonic), my invention called the Prettiest Princess (Passoa - passion fruit liqueur, Level vodka and 7up). Also love a good beer (emphasis on good - microbrews, German beer, etc).

favorite band: HEART!!!! Lifetime fave...got to see them last year too :biggrin: When I was little I used to play the tape over and over when my mom drove me to preschool, and I would make her promise not to listen to it or I would get mad, and I would memorize where the tape left off so I would know if she listened while I was gone!!!! :roflmfao:

favorite movie: HMMM...Princess Bride and Labyrinth will always be favorites, ever since I was little...Wayne's World, American History X, Zoolander, Wedding Singer...the list is so long when it includes SNL actors/actresses in their movies...

favorite kind of music: Hip Hop, Rap, Classical, Country, Classic Rock...the list goes on. Elton John too, he's his own class of music I think.

favorite food: Strawberries and other fruits, Spatzle, angel hair pasta with pesto, fresh baked baguettes, breakfast food (cheddar biscuits with gravy...omg).

favorite tv show: The Shield, CSI, Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Big Shots, Grey's Anatomy, Dirty Sexy Money, Lost.

odd things about me: I'm consistently inconsistent. At least - nobody can really make assumptions based on knowing a few things about me, because I have a lot of differing values that conflict based on traditional belief systems. Therefore, I am a total anomaly. And I like it that way. I am always catching people off guard and taking them by surprise, sometimes in very, very small ways.

things that scare me: lack of freedoms, close-minded people taking over the world...

current obsessions: Chanel lip gloss (current and forevermore), Lindys (raisin, rose shocking or fuchsia and lagoon), Belen Echandia Love Me Mini in fuchsia, sundresses, loose and flowy shirts for summer, getting a level 7 or 8 weave in my hair, cute sandals, nail polish, patent leather, new perfumes, my husband, training for Iraq (I will be obsessed with that whether I like it or not eventually!)
name: Luxurylife88
age: 35
gender: Female
resides: California
occupation: entrepreneur
favorite bag brands: Hermes, Bvlgari, Oscar de la Renta, Cartier,
B]hobbies[/B]: SHOPPING, cooking
favorite drink: H20
favorite band: My dad's
favorite movie: too many
favorite kind of music: old songs i.e. classical
favorite food: all carbs
favorite tv show: CNN, Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty
odd things about me: when PMSing I would cry a lot
things that scare me: Crossing New York City busy streets
current obsessions: Hermes Exotic skins


Jan 15, 2008
les ailes d' Hermès
name: P-B
age: 29
gender: Femme
resides: NYC for now, but Toronto soon
occupation: lawyer
favorite bag brands: Hermes, with a little Chanel and LV on the side
hobbies: shopping, reading, keeping up with current events, politics
favorite drink: cosmo
favorite band: Damien Rice
favorite movie: Breakfast at Tiffany's
favorite kind of music: jazz
favorite food: French, Italian, Caribbean
favorite tv show: Lipstick Jungle, SATC, Grey's Anatomy, Coupling (BBC), The Tudors
odd things about me: I'm a crybaby
things that scare me: not being able to conceive when me and DH are ready
current obsessions: anything H. from twillies to Birkins
name: Thomas
age: 22
gender: Male
resides: LA
occupation: Student, graduate of UCI, now at FIDM LA.
favorite bag brands: Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta
hobbies: Working out, Shopping, Sports
favorite drink: Don't drink
favorite band: Spice Girls and Girls Aloud.
favorite movie: The Devil Wears Prada
favorite kind of music: EuroPop
favorite food: Filet Mignon
favorite tv show: Project Runway
odd things about me: Wiggle my ears
things that scare me: Cockroaches and Spiders
current obsessions: Putting on more mass


Aug 30, 2007
Upper South, USA
name: India - prefer not to put down my real name
age: 64
gender: Female
resides: upper south/lower midwest
occupation: homemaker, part-time interior designer - trained in fashion retailing a million years ago!
favorite bag brands: Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Goyard
hobbies: gardening, travel, my grown children and young grandchildren, cooking (not any more!!!), sun-worshiping either floating in a pool or on a beach
favorite drink: Dark 'n Stormy (ginger beer with Goslings Black Label rum)
favorite band: too many to list - still love the Beatles and the Rolling Stones
favorite movie: Hope & Glory, Breakfast at Tiffanys
favorite kind of music: classical, opera, jazz, blues, classic rock - pretty much anything other than hip-hop or country
favorite food: LOBSTER!
favorite tv show: drama and crime shows - lots of PBS
odd things about me: Don't mess with me when I'm hungry or hot!!!!
things that scare me: anything bad happening to my family, having a stroke, alzheimers, ever having to go on oxygen (do you think these fears might be "age-related"? Ha!
current obsessions: cashmere shawls, finding anything that fits, losing 20 more pounds (I've now lost 35!!!!!)


all i want is bags
Sep 3, 2006
Southwest Florida
alright, so technically I am pas encore (not yet) an Hermes guy...but goshdarn if I am hoping (/praying if I was religious). So say what you will, this thread is too tempting...

name: Alex
age: 21
gender: Male
resides: Sarasota, FL for school, currently in Bordeaux, FR for semester
occupation: Student, economics AOC
favorite bag brands: Hermes (so I think), Louis Vuitton (in the past), Bottega Veneta
hobbies: ebay, fitness, un-fitness, eating (anything and everything), stalking H SAs
favorite drink: Vodka/tonic, water
favorite band: tons...kylie minogue, imogen heap, gwen stefani, john legend, kate nash, madonna, mark ronson, lily allen, sean paul
favorite movie: The Darjeeling Limited, Clueless, To Wong Foo, Waiting
favorite kind of music: pop (obv), some smoother stuff (j.legend etc)
favorite food: tuna (all varieties), peanut butter, honey, grapefruit
favorite tv show: dexter, the golden girls, frasier, csi miami
odd things about me: I am always gassy (for real) and that is embarrassing. I also love short men (shorter than my 5'10")
things that scare me: certain foreign travel, certain aspects of the future, possible obsolesence of cars in the future, getting hate-crimed
current obsessions: dlisted, tod's, the 2008 election

thanks for letting me play!
Dec 28, 2007
Jardin sur Le Toit
name: AK
age: 30s
gender: Female
resides: Western Europe
occupation: Lady of leisure
favorite bag brands: Hermes, Prada
hobbies:Shopping, travelling, reading, swimming, jewellery-making, cooking, TPF
favorite drink: Strawberry lemonade
favorite band: Keane
favorite movie: Star Wars and just too many to list
favorite kind of music: Classical to Drum and Bass
favorite food: Lobster
favorite tv show: Also too many to list
odd things about me: I love seafood but I hate shellfish!
things that scare me: Lizards and snakes
current obssessions: Hermes and my 15-month-old son


Apr 2, 2008
age: 20
gender: Female
resides: Middle Europe
occupation: Student (BSc. in Biology) but hoping to become a dentist
favorite bag brands: Hermés(current), LV(former), but anything that looks good
obbies:reading, shopping, travelling, being with friends, drawing
favorite drink: mojito, orange juice, tea
favorite band: Nickelback
favorite movie: Pride and prejudice (BBC), How to lose a guy in 10 days, Brodget Jone's diary, Dirty Dancing 1,2, etc
favorite kind of music: almost every kind
favorite food:italian pastas, ice-cream, chocolate
favorite tv show: Friends, Gilmore Girls, Heroes, MD House, Grey's Anatmony
odd things about me: (you should ask my friends)
things that scare me: anything that has more or less than 4 legs
current obssessions: Hermés forums (of course), Jane Austen books, getting accepted to my dream university


Jun 7, 2006
Behind the wheel....
name: Dinah
age: 43 (eek!)
gender: Female
resides: Upstate NY, on Lake Ontario
occupation: VP of high-tech family business
favorite bag brands: Hermes, Bottega Veneta, Chanel
hobbies: Racing Cars (Hi AF!!!), shopping, gardening (I love hauling dirt and planting things), reading, working out, animals (esp. my rediculous little Sun Conure, Gizmo)
favorite drink: Green-tea martini, Pomegranate Martini, Mojito, Sake, or just Scotch
favorite band: yikes. Just one? Live, Tool, Metallica
favorite movie: Princess Bride, Shawshank Redemption, The Thomas Crowne Affair, James Bond Casino Royale
favorite kind of music: Rock, alternative, Jazz, Reggae, lots of different things.
favorite food: Italian, Thai, Japanese, French,
favorite tv show: SATC, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, LOST, Nip/Tuck, Sopranos, Entourage, and of course, Top Gear on BBC
odd things about me: I can splay my toes....DF calls me "treefrog"
things that scare me: strange noises at night
current obsessions: Getting the wedding done and house built!!!!!


Jan 17, 2008
New York, NY
name: Richmond
age: 17
resides: California, USA
occupation: high school student:supacool:
favorite bag brands: Hermès (people please get the accent grave right), Goyard, and Louis Vuitton
hobbies: drawing, smelling, oboe, piano
favorite drink: good glass of lemonade
favorite band: Yelle, Aqme, Au Revoir Simone, Architectures in Helsinki, Mates of State...list goes on
favorite movie: Th Piano (for its soundtrack)
favorite kind of music: comfortable and realistic
favorite food: Fage yoghurt, and french pastries
favorite tv show: Jeopardy
odd things about me: Figure Skating Fanatic
things that scare me: blindness
current obsessions: anything chèvre and Frédéric Malle


Jan 5, 2007
Across a pond
name: Even
age: Feeling Old ;_;
gender: male
resides: viking land, forgotten by the god of fashion
occupation: Living life to the fullest
favorite bag brands: Hermes, Louis Vuitton, whoever puts of the hottest at the time. Great fan of the work of Serge Amoruso
hobbies: Making and listening to music, drawing, tPF(>_<), fashion and other beaux-arts, esp performing arts, discovering the best things in life, working out, learning languages
favorite drink: G&T
favorite artist: AYUMI HAMASAKI
favorite movie: Moulin Rouge, sen to chihiro no kamikakushi (Spirited away)
favorite kind of music: All kinds of good music
favorite food: Mont Blanc and chocolate covered berries!!
favorite tv show: I only watch Ugly Betty.
odd things about me: People usually think I'm way younger and my appearance is rather exotic I'm afraid. I can also do ballet. Iam also very vain.. lol
things that scare me: nothing but my own insecurities
current obsessions: Getting the birkin, new leather desings and exams and a possible new SO in the US!!!:graucho: