Leah Messenger Oxblood

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  1. Just wondering what your thoughts are on this bag?
    If anyone has this bag(regardless of colour) could you tell me how easy it is to use.
    I was wondering if the drawstring opening is easy to access.
    Also how roomy is the bag inside? What can you fit in the front pockets?
    What is the leather like and how does it hold up in the rain?
    Also has anyone seen this bag anywhere in oxblood? Who stocks it?
    Sorry for all the questions:smile:
    Your help as always is much appreciated xxx
  2. Didn't know they were making the Leah in oxblood?

    There's a recent reveal of a black leah messenger, with pics, check that out! And you might find some useful info if you do a search =)
  3. I can't help as I don't have a leah, but the displays ones I've seen in store look they have lovely smooshy leather. I think the leather is lambskin too, so may be more delicate than the usual NVT leather. Some ladies have had colour transfer problems with their nude lambskin bags, but I don't know if it'd be a problem with the darker leathers.
  4. Thanks Theaberry. I did do a search but can't find much info on this bag. I couldn't find the black reveal either. Do you have the link?
  5. Thanks Tiggernic. I am really tempted with this bag. I think I'm just going to try and locate one and buy it. It sounds wonderful & I like the idea of pockets on the front.
    Does anyone know who has this bag in stock? x
  6. Selfridges may have the Oxblood
  7. I've just collected mine from John Lewis. It's a beautiful bag, but the colour isn't quite what I expected (looks very deep purple on the JL site) and I'm sad to say I don't love it.

    It could also be that I've just come home in the pouring rain and the fact that I won't be able to use the bag (when it rains!) means I can't justfify the cost.
  8. please take some pics of the bag to show us. maybe you will love it and keep it once you had a hot cup of tea and looked at it again:graucho:
  9. We HAVE TO see pictures of that bag!! Please please!! ;)
  10. I'm going to have a think over the weekend before making a decision.

    I think I am still lusting after the Leah tote in Hazelnut, which I decided not to buy as the leather was delicate (and I had just returned 2 faulty bags (in a row)) - but then saw someone carrying an aged one Oval tube a few weeks ago. Now there not making the tote and I apparently not even the outlets have them any more.

    Can't find camera cord, so have taken with iphone

    ok - will do once I've figured out how to post pictures here - never done it before

  11. ^ Saffron, I saw two hazlenut Leahs on Ebay this week. I wouldnt compromise on a bag you may or may not fall in love with, the perfect one for you will turn up so hold out is my advice.

    I have the hazlenut, in the shoulder (not the messenger) and it is a really rich beautiful colour which screams lovely autumn days to me!
  12. ^ Saying all that lol, v v much looking forward to seeing the piccies of this one heeheee ;)
  13. Is there a fick chick guide to posting pictures, because every which way I try on flikr, my images aren't showing up.
  14. If you click "post reply" (top left of page or the bottom left of the page) instead of "quick reply" (the very bottom), there's an option to attach photos directly from your desktop or a file folder without need of flickr or tinypic or any other hosting site.
    Post Reply > Attachments > Upload > Close window.

    It'll be there when you preview/submit your post.

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