Leagcy Shoulder Bag - Size?

  1. For those of you that have the Legacy Shoulder bag, what do you think about it's size? Are you able to carry everything that you would normally carry? I typically like to carry a medium to semi large bag, (if that makes sense) I have yet to see this bag in person and the dimensions are throwing me off. I currenly carry the Sig/black Carly.
  2. This is what I can fit in mine:


  3. i think the size is decent. and it carries on my shoulder well. there are tons that fit into it and the side pockets as well..
  4. Quick OT highjack... Is that a red leather sofa? YUMMY!

  5. I agree that this bag holds a pretty good amount. I simply cannot handle carrying a small bag but I can deal with the shoulder bag easily. I mean, it isn't going to be as large as a large sized Carly, but certainly it is do-able imho.
  6. Here is a modeling pic that isn't requested but might show the size better. :p

    I love this bag, it holds all my stuff pretty well. I have my planner, wristlet filled with makeup and receipts, french wallet, ipod, and my phone.
    coachmodeling.jpg legplanner5.jpg
  7. :yes: :rolleyes:

  8. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and the pictures were very helpful.
  9. I just got my 06 white shoulder bag yesterday that I purchased from eBay. Here she is! I don't tend to carry a lot of stuff but WOW....there is SO much room in this bag. It is very roomy! I don't think I could EVER fill it up. Loving it! :tup: Give it a try! :yes:

    Ignore the junkie t-shirt/shorts....:weird:
  10. I gotta say...but I love the 06 Legacy line better than the 07...JMO...but this bag is so classy I think...
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    actually had quite a lot in there...
    medium cosmetics case
    ginormo nextel
    sephora mirro
    gum somewhere in there...
  11. Thanks for the comments. I had been thinking about the Legacy shoulder bag also but wasn't sure about the size. I've been carrying the Hamptons patchwork summer tote but I'm now ready to move on to a new fall bag. I've got the Legacy on my list. Love all the pics and I am surprised that this bag carries this much!
  12. i have the same bag and i must agree the 06 legacy line is way better than the 07 ones. anyhows, it is a great bag, fits so much yet is a decent size. i get compliments on the bag all the time. definitely get it! :yes:
  13. I'm in the minority....I like the 07 line better than the 06 line, however ALL Legacy bags are GORGEOUS!!!!! That lining is TDF!!!!!!!