leagal rip-offs?

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  1. ^^^I think you're a liar and a phony. The things you say do not add up.
  2. That is not gonna happen... due to UN restrictions. Unless US wants to do the same thing as what happen to Iraq.
  3. Then how come their making progress like that in Africa?
  4. But learning the language is still difficult, especially for older individuals who immigrate here later in life. My aunt is currently attending adult school five times a week to learn english and it is still difficult for her to pick it up, even being in America. Additionally, the waitlist to get into an adult english class taught at a adult education center (these are generally cheaper) is actually VERY long. Once again, not all people have been as fortunate as you. And while these people are trying to learn english, who is going to pay for where they will live and what they will eat? And no I'm not making excuses, I'm simply trying to point out different situations as examples. You have been lucky enough to not have been in one of these situations, and yes there are lazy individuals too but NOT all people in poverty are trying to stay there! And a big change in 5-10 is insanely impossible.
  5. why dont the fake producers produce regular bags w/o claiming its a designer bag n stuffs? stop copying, use their brain to make something lil bit more original.. they (including all their employees)still can live w that..

    can you imagine you 'invent' or design something w all ur creativity n effort, then everybody is copying it w far cheaper price.. we pay that amount of money not just for the material or the production cost, but also for the idea of the designers and the brand.. we have to respect other ppls right, n those designs, those bags r the designers n the company's right.Thats why there are patent, trademark, etc...

    if i can't afford a designer bag, i wont cheat myself n buy fakes, coz its such a disgrace for the person who designed the bag that i adore. i'd rather buy a non-designers bag instead. unfortunately i cant force everybody to think the way i do :Push:
  6. How am I a liar? I said I would give my paycheck to someone who needed it. I never once said I have a paycheck by your terms! And to me, I have a paycheck because I get scholarships from school from doing well academically and from my "paycheck" I have given to charities.
  7. I think you're a liar and a phony. The things you say do not add up. I'm fortunate? I'm not. Look at the things that were given to you that you don't deserve. A scholarship that you give away. I think you need to look at yourself and your moronic causes. These people can get real jobs. You do not need to know english to be a janitor. Since you have very low intelligence you must be in special classes.
  8. That is not a paycheck. That's almost like welfare in away.
  9. Erm... Purselova, my husband's family is a refugees from the vietnam war and my father and mother in laws do not speak english at all, even though they have been here for a long while..
    They tried learning the english language but its not easy for them at all. THey do know how to speak some but to read and write, its impossible, bearing in mind that they are older generation.
    So guess who went out to work to support the family? Its my husband and my sister in law. They worked at a clothing factory in downtown LA when they are underage.
    I think the mindset of my husband and my sister in law is NOT wheter its illegal to have underage workers.. but HOW to feed the family.
  10. How do I not deserve my scholarship? And no, I do not give it away. I was fortunately given more than I needed so I donate some to others who need it more. No, it is not welfare because it is simply based on academic merit - no financial background is considered - it was a reward for a job well done. And janitorial work seems to be the only job you constantly bring up. We don't have a demand for millions of janitors.

    And thank you for your insult, because now I will stop being stupid by not wasting time discussing this with you.
  11. yeah it's easy to know MANY words, especially if it is out of your own time and pleasure, not against your will. I"m sure a lot of people learned the language, and I can tell you for a fact that English is the hardest language to learn. You have never experienced being forced to learn a language in the quickest time possible in order to communicate and get a job in another country. ;)

    Have you ever lived in a place where people have actually stabbed each other because of several ounces of rice to eat??? Did you ever sleep on a house made out of carton boxes and rusted sheets of metal put together installed on top of a sewer? Sleeping and instinctively whacking mosquitoes and fruit flies because they're all over your body, looking for food just like you do? I won't go into details as far as eating animal parts that aren't even considered edible here in the US. :oh:

    So please don't propose solutions. I'll respect you more if you actually start doing what you're proposing, at least you know there's one less scoundrel in this world, or this country for that matter.:biggrin:
  12. yawn
  13. HAHAHAHA.. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    cyndezu, You are funny..

    Ok ladies... group hug please.. Give it a rest. Obviously we will never agree with one another, so let it rest... :biggrin:
  14. :biggrin: group hug
  15. No, I haven't. Have you? A friend of mine told me this once, just because your family was slaves doesn't mean you were ever one. I think my solutions are good, but there's nothing I can do if everyone says oh they're selling fakes, it's a living. If people accept it, I guess I should just turn my head, too.
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